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Didn't have anything planned for this weekend, but a co-worker and I got the jones to go for the day to something within 3 hours, with hopefully better conditions than the places closer to DC usually have, mainly because they have no natural snow :P Decided on Timberline in WV, (right next to canaan valley). The forecast there said 'snowing with 1-3" expected'. But when we got there, the snow was in full force and had stacked up at least 8" of fresh pow pow. and alot deeper in the wooded areas they let you ski in. (unlike all the closer resorts to DC) They dont get many day trippers because of the location I guess, so I dont think we waited in a lift line for more than 2 minutes, and on a holiday weekend! If you are in the DC area and jonesin for some good stuff, go now, trust me, its worth the extra drive

Upon leaving, the snow was still dumping like mad, and you were basically following telephone poles to figure out where the road was!