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Went down to Big Sky today with my Dad and Brother. Stuck mainly to the blue groomers and blue moguled runs. I also made a few laps off the Lone Peak Triple. This was out first time at Big Sky, and we had a great time.

On the first ride up Swift-Current I was amazed at the amount of powder still stashed away on the edges of the runs and in the trees even though the hill hasnt got any new snow in the previous 2 days.

The runs we skied were in really good shape. Towards the end of the day, runs off Swift Current were starting to show some rocks, but if you were careful it wasnt much of a problem.

Andesite Mountain was in fantastic shape, and the grooming was immaculate on Ambush, which made for some fantastic speed runs.

The lift lines went pretty fast considering it was a holiday weekend. I dont think there was a line longer than 5 minutes at the main lodge area, and way less than that on the outlying lifts.

After we left and got to Bozeman for dinner, it started snowing pretty hard, but I dont know if any of it got down to Big Sky.

Edited to add: The tram was shut down for most of the day due to high winds, and skiing off that is a bit too much for me, so I dont know how the conditions were up there. I'll try to talk to one of my friends on the ski patrol there who went up there today to see how it was.