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a longer winter?

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lately I have heard talk of global warming causing a reversal of the gulf stream, because of freshwater from melting ice caps interfering with the current in the north atlantic. is this just crazy or could it create a new ice age? (ie no warm water flowing to the north sea cooling the contenental temps by ten degrees in the wintertime)

Is there any validaty behind this? And if... if it did happen (over about ten years) would there be a major change in snowfall?

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I've heard theories like that being bandied around recently. Speaking as someone who lives in a country that enjoys the benefits of the gulf stream, if it were to disappear, there would be quite a major change in the climate here in the UK & Ireland. Consider this: Where I am now is further north than most Canadian ski resorts...

Toronto 43°41'N
Ottawa 45°19'N
Prince George53°53'N
Prince Rupert54°17'N
Dawson Creek55°44'N

McMurray AP56°39'N

I wonder will this table be legible?

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Wow. Just think about those Highlands covered in decent snow...
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Originally posted by MarkP:
Wow. Just think about those Highlands covered in decent snow...
Yeah! But you better own a helicopter.
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It already happened once before.

do a google search on Younger Dryas
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well if you remember back in shakespear's time it was possible to walk across the river Themes in london(is that right?).

That was the same type of thing that happened supposedly during the 1700s
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