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What *type* of ski do I need?

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I ski in the Northeast (Whiteface, Killington, Smugs, Jay, etc).

I ski a pretty even mix of glades and groomers, with occasional bits in the bumps when they're in the way. I like to go fast on the groomers. I'm moderately aggressive and will ski pretty much any trail on any mountain I've been to (as long as there's not too much glaze ice, which I tend to avoid).

I'm not really into demoing skis because it's such a PITA and it's expensive. I like to get my skis end-of-year, secondhand, or at some otherwise big discount.

I'm 5'9, 175 lbs with clothing on. I started with a 180cm Atomic 9.18. Great ski for the groomers, awful awful in the glades. Too long, too stiff, wanted to go too fast.

I've since moved to the Volant Machete Soul. Much better in the glades, and still excellent at speed, but it feels a bit heavy to throw around in the tight tree turns and moguls.

So, feel free to recommend a specific ski, but I'm not really sure what *type* of ski I need. Maybe a *few* skis I should be looking at.

I know, I know. Thanks
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You'll get two types of recs, I'd guess - carvers and twin tip fats. I'm in the carver school for the NE (where I also live). You seem to like fairly strong feeling skis, apparently are a high intermediate or early advanced, so I'd say this year's Volkl Allstar in 168, last year's Elan Ripstick, also in 170, or a Fischer AMC 76 in 170. The Allstar will be the quickest on groomed and the best on ice, the Elan will be the best in crud and crust and the most stable, the Fischer will be the most versatile and the best off piste. You can get good deals soon on all of them.
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I'm concerned with how a ski like the Allstar would do in the tight, relatively slow, often powdery glades, which is where I feel I demand the most from my skis. I think I'm trying to move away from the carver type ski and into something that is more well suited to the glades I enjoy so much. I can live with a ski that's not happiest going 50mph down a groomer if it helps me not feel like I'm pushing around two piles of bricks in the glades. I think I can give up a bit of high speed performance if it gets me closer to what I want. I'm really not sure what I *should* want or expect for a glade ski, or if such a thing even exists.
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I'll jump in rather than start a new thread. Hate to hijack.
Same basic stuff except I am mostly park and pow when it hits (they don't groom a lot of the slope where I ski)
Very short run, I need a ski that can quickly pick up speed to allow me to move from jump to jump with a enough speed to get enough air to hit the landings right.
I am looking at a fat twin tip, but how fat?
175 seems a good length for me.
btw 5'7", 170, athletic.
My current skis are 180s 102,70,98 that I rented for the season. They are OK, but are designed to just carve groomed runs.
I'll ski anything, but I am limited in the slopes I can do. My backyard is the Chugach Mountains, but I don't have time to hike or money to helo.
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You sound like a good candidate for one of the new breed of allmountain skis- fatter waist, but retaining the carving ski construction and shape. Something like the Nordica Hot Rods, Salomon X-Wings, or Volkl ACs.
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Something upper 70's, low 80's in the waist with a sidecut in the upper teens. I would also a ski that will hold well on the harder snow. Skiing in the woods in the east will take their toll on a ski. I would look at a leftover ski on Ebay. I would say an Atomic Sweet Daddy, AC4 (white ones), Nordie Superchargers
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glade ski

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180cm sounds a bit long for you by today's standards. That might be why the 9.18 didn't work for all-mountain skis for you.

To answer your type question in general terms, typical specs for all-mountain ski for what you describe --

70-80 mm waist, maybe 74mm being a good medium.
165-174mm long.
With or without metal construction depending on whether you want more hold (metal) or more forgiveness (no-metal).
Radius 14-16mm.

Nordica HotRod Modified 170cm is working well for me all mountain. I ski east coast about 50% groomers, 50% glades/bumps. Level 8 47yo 6' 185#. Nordica makes the Hot Rods in several different widths and each comes in at least two stiffnesses giving you a wide choice.

Can't comment on the other types of solutions like a long/soft/wide ski or all-mountain twin-tip as I've never skied them.
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174 K2 Public Enemy.
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If you want a great ski that is already on sale in many places and will only continue to get cheaper look at the Legend 8800. Great glade ski, reasonable at everything... I'd also recoment the 8000, but it seems like I recomend that ski every time and I think I should take a break from it... (Great ski though, all time favorite in fact )

I would stear away from a heavily shaped carver and go with something a little straighter. Easier in the trees and the powder stashes found therein. Also they're not as hooky when the next hook will throw you into something wooden and hard...
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I was in a shop today and saw a pair of M10s on sale for very cheap ($299). I ended up walking out with them in a 164cm.
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