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Volkl Attiva AC3's

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Ok. I've stumbled upon a deal which may be too good for me to refuse. It's not a situation where I can demo to affirm or whatever my decision, unfortunately.

As the title of the thread makes clear I've found a pair of Attiva AC3's that may have my name on them. What I want is some opinions regarding their suitability for me to help me make my decision. For reference my previous ski purchases I have made without demoing and have not been upset with my decisions - maybe lucky, maybe I'm just good at interpretting the information I can get.

About me: 5'3, 125lbs, no injuries that impact my skiing - I have bad ankles but I've got good boots so these don't bother me. I ski primarily in the east. I like groomed runs, no trees (at this point and probably ever), some light powder is fine (6" or less for my preference although I have managed with more but it wasn't my thing). I'm willing to try most anything but bumps don't appeal - my knees are good now lets not change that! :P I also like to play with some small jumps and stuff to get a little air, but I'm never going to be a park kiddie! I do like some speed although my current skis - K2 True Luvs - can only get so much. I'm in my third year skiing and by most charts I can find I'm a level 6-7 skier and I obviously want to advance in terms of technique, but my priority is on enjoying my time on the mountain and I don't foresee adventuring offpiste in my future. Lastly I'll note that my background as a dancer has left me with a fairly athletic build but I'm still "light" in weight. I don't mind having to work my skis some, but I don't want something I have to fight all the way down the mountain to get good/comfortable performance.

A last note is that I did demo some K2 Lotta Luvs (which seem to fit into a comparable skiier level and class) and had a ball on them. They let me fly down the slopes, carving, and really didn't make me work hard - I didn't feel any more tired after similar runs to my normal, etc. This was in Tahoe in april, so spring conditions, some groomed some mashed potatoes. I've been craving a pair of Lotta Luv but wondered if perhaps my next ski might be something a little more specialized to eastern skiing although still an all mountain.

So now that I'm done blathering what I want to know is does it seem like I'm looking at a pair of skis I will enjoy, not outgrow, and suit my style? If I've left out anything that might help please ask as I'll be checking in frequently. It being a new ski this year I've not found quite enough info to decide - almost but more info can't hurt!

Thanks in advance!
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From what I hear it is one of THE best womans skis out there right now. if it is that good of a deal, you will not be disappointed with the ski.
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I demo'd the Attiva AC3 in December, and liked it a lot. If I had to pick one ski for out east, it would be that one. Great edge grip on the hard pack, and willing to make any radius turn you want. I can't speak for the K2 Lotta Luv, although I understand the K2 skis are more damp than the Volkl skis. The Volkl's really have a nice "pop" to them. I also liked the light weight of the Volkl ski.
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Ok. I guess everyone must be off skiing by the lack of response - thanks to phil and lori for replying. I really want to make a decision this afternoon so I dont miss out (if the answer is yes).

I'm going to go post over on the divas forum in hopes of getting a little more input, but I'll continue checking here too!
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My gf loved them, although she didn't describe them as light underfoot. They definitely gave her the riding on rails feeling with no speed limit. I believe the Attiva AC3's have to be one of the stiffest womens skis available. She's demoed about 4 skis and it's coming down to these and the Nordica Olympia Victory's, a very similar contender. She found the Olympia Victory's to be slightly more flexible than the Attivas with similar stability.
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