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Atomic SL 12pb review, please

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Hello ,
Just wanted to ask you guys to share the experience with these skis.

We know they are good for short and long R's too.

.. and that's what we are looking for>> stable, quick, short, long R's ski for east coast, icy slopes!!

We love our Atomic skis, having Metron 9 puls, Atomic supercross and older, shaped Atomic R 9.22

1.>>Can you share your experience with these SL12pb, and even compare them with Metrons, R 9.22 and more similar Rossignol Radical 9S ??
2.>> Are they good for intermediate/advanced skier?
3.>>Can you ski them all day long??
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I have the race stock SL:12s 165cm @ 12.2m and to answer your questions,

1) They are amazing. For ripping short turns there is nothing better, imo. The race stock versions are extremely stiff, which equates to extreme stability, no matter what size turn you are making, how fast you are going, or what type of conditions you are in. I dislocated my shoulder earlier this season, so when I first got back I thought I'd have my tail between my legs. Why bother? They're rock solid (though, compared to my race stock GS:12s, they're not...hehe).

I've recently skied on an epic member's MB5's (I think) they were either 162 or 163 (I forget), but they didn't come close to the performance of my SL12s. They washed out at higher speeds, and made me watch my speed, as they felt extremely unstable compared to my SL12s. The SL12s don't require any such "watching". Just let them run, and stay centered, and it's a great ride down. In a SL12 vs Metron B5 comparison, I would never ski the B5's, and I tested them both in softer snow.

2) I'm sure the retail SL12s would be great for an intermediate or advanced skier, and it gives them room to progress. The turn radius makes the skis effortless to ski, and will turn anyone into a racer, imo. I've let my jib honk/park rat friends strap on my SL12s in exchange for their sloppy twins, and they made each one of them look like a racer.

3) I'm in pretty good shape, and if you're going after every turn (like I do), then you're going to get tired, no question. 20k vert of slalom turns is going to feel good after a while, but they're extremely versatile, and if its going to be a crowded day I take them out. I can do everything from bumps to a tight slalom course. So yes, you can ski them all day, everyday, everywhere.
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thanks to "The Atomic skier"

I am happy to hear a great review of these skis from a "regular" skier, not just from a magazine.

Just a note.... I think the SL12pb will be slightly softer than the race stock of SL12.. so it might be a bit more forgiving and easier to ski all day.
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Yes, the retail SL12 will be softer. I don't know how much you weigh, but I'm 6' 200lbs, and they're perfect for me in the race course, or on trails. If you weigh any less, or don't spend that much time (if any) in the race course, the retail version would be perfect for you, and definitely a good buy.
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to purchase Atomic SL 11, SL12 pb

Hello, would you know where to buy these skis for better $ than here>>>
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just found better deal

here a bit better deal for these skis>>>
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Really love my SL12 W/C

I just joined this forum and was breezing through and noticed this review. I use my 165cm SL12's for all day skiing as well at times. They do make your legs burn for sure. Especially on longer runs. I made my last run locally a few days ago in Lutsen,MN. The snow was soft but not sloppy,wet and slow. After 7 hours of skiing on my SL12's I was exhausted !! I brought my GS ski's as well but never took them out. I do tend to ski aggressively and push hard most all of the time but I did find that I can carve at recreational speeds with these ski's as well wich is great if you like the precision of a race ski but are off the race course. You can get them to flex at slower speeds but your form is a bit more critical. I'm 6'0" and 175 lbs so that will give you a better idea of my physical influence on the ski. OK, enough rambling. I love my SL12's. Enough said !!
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SL12pb vs SL12 FIS

I have both the SL12pb (160cm) and the SL12 FIS (165). The SL12pb is _much_ more forgiving than the FIS version. This also means the two excel in different ways. The SL12pb is a composite (foam) metal ski, the SL12 FIS is a wood core metal ski. After two years skiing it (mind you, hard years) I have noticed it break down a bit. It doesn't have the bite on ice that FIS version does. The SL12pb will allow you to widen up your turns a bit more than the FIS version as well. You can definitely rip up a slalom course with the retail version, but it is definitely more tame. I also noticed that the SL12pb is a bit more turny in the packed powder corduroy than the FIS version, since it isn't as stiff.

I like to ski on a slalom ski as my daily ski, so I love this ski. I take it everywhere, steeps, bumps, groomers, you name it. If you want a ski that can rip the smaller turns, but doesn't demand your attention all of the time, I would go for the SL12pb. If you want a ski that you can rip bullet proof ice in the slalom course all day, then go for the SL12 FIS.
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I have the SL12pb in 160 after demoing them for a day and fell in love after the first couple of turns - my friend that tried them was equally impressed. For some reason I feel so much more confident going faster and skiing more aggressively, they carve so easily and it takes a lot of upset them once they engage. They make up want to push harder no matter how much you legs hurt! People I have skied with have all commented my skiing jumped up a level since switching.

I have not skied many different slalom skis so others may be better qualified to comment, but these really were a cut above anything I had used before. I find them to be more forgiving than others I have tried, if you get back they won’t dump you on your backside and they will skid turns comfortably if you want.

I use mine for everything like hanzi0. I have no idea what the race stock is like, at 5'10" 145lbs it would be far to stiff and my skiing probably isn't up to it either, I did toy with the idea of the ST12 race stock but that is apprently stiffer than the retail SL12.
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I have had a few guys ski on the 165 SL12 pb early in the season and they all said it's a good ski in and out of the gates (but they all went to HEAD anyway). I've yet to have someone other than a beefy very good racer say the same thing about the FIS version.
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