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my pictures are worse than yours

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Originally Posted by nancie2k View Post

It sucks to be you. :

Good luck with it.
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O...M....G!!! You're right. It's the worst thing I've ever seen. I'm going to spew, and everything hurts just looking at it. I have to stop whining now, you have definitely made your point.

How are you doing today? Got an update?
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Wow. Those pictures made me really queezy. So sorry you had to endure that. I'm not sure what's worst, the agony of rehab or being immobile for so long.

Was this a skiing accident? What's a fracture blister?
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Looks like this must be the result of the collision over a year ago, you reported in November. :

Sure wish you all the best in healing for next season. Keep us posted on rehab updates.

Originally Posted by nancie2k View Post
watch out for the other guy!!!!
i got hit from behind and got a tibial plateau fracture so bad the doctor in vermont could not fix it, had to to go ny hospital for special surgeries via ambulance after a week in rutland and getting an external fixator.. that was feb 25 and i am still dealing with it. seeing another doc wed for probable arthroscopy, acl, mcl, meniscus.....future knee replacement...
i was so optimistic i bought a season pass. prognosis-not so good.
still want to ski,tho, not able to at this point
3 weeks in hss.
thank you pain management for making it easier

p.s. i did hurt my thumb when i started skiing about 19 years or so ago -damn ski pole strap!!!!!
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OK then (deep breath) - I hate to say it, but you just made me actually feel better about my injuries. That must have been really tough to deal with for quite some time. I imagine you're still dealing with it daily. I hope you're doing your best with the recovery.
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yummy pics. fascinating. so sorry you are going thru this, but clearly women are the tougher species.
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HOLY CRAP!!! Let me guess, civil war reenactment went awry when they loaded the cannon with a real cannonball?

Hope everything turns out ok
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Wow..thats pretty graphic...hope you heal well.

You're right your pictures are worse, I look like Im on vacation compared to that.
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Those are pretty wild, but didn't gross me out too bad. I guess it's being a doctors son, we got to see random photos like that from time to time growing up. Dad would have some case, and would take a bunch of photos, and they would get mixed up with the family vacation photos.....

Oh, BTW, get well soon!!!
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Nice ex fix!

Get well soon
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YUP!!!! You win..... hands down!!!!

That looks like it was one NASTY break! I can't imagine what you went through with that!

So glad to see you are on the mend, and best of luck on the future surgeries...
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Some of those are dated 4/9 and 4/18? And you STILL have more work to be done? :
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that was from my unfortunate collision with someone who came blasting from uphill of me. the anniversary is feb 25 10 screws and a plate are in there.
i was still complaining of pain in august when i was told it was common for other injuries to happen with tibial plateau breaks. an mri was not done til then. i had surgery scheduled for jan for repair, but the doc i had scheduled to do it did not fully take my insurance-i would have had to come with at least four thousand so i cancelled that to find another.i am still trying to pay down the hospital and doctor bills-i was in 2 hospitals for a total of one month. for2 months after that i was non-weight bearing.i am so reluctant to go thru more of that extreme pain and resulting down time on crutches and rehab again. i have a medial meniscus tear, and also need acl and mcl reconstruction.
to top it all off, i slipped and fell right on my kneecap 2 weekends ago and it was so bad i was back on crutches again. i had x-rays and am so glad my patella did not break. my knee swelled up like a football again. i am making an appointment for a surgeon who takes my insurance, but no surgery could be done til the swelling goes down.
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You make us all feel like weenies. I have to admire your spunk because you are still here, you bought a pass (that's the spirit!), and you are not giving up.

I don't think the next surgeries will be anything close to what you already had, though. They should be a lot milder.

I have some serious empathy for you. ++++++++vibes+++++ for you.
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+++++ vibes for you, too!!!
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Originally Posted by Bob Peters View Post

It sucks to be you. :

Good luck with it.
nice way to put it
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wow - hope you get better soon and things get better for you wrt insurance etc.
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just saw a new ortho- will do an arthroscopy- and i have an appointment with the original doc to see if it is ok to remove the hardware at the same time. The new surgeon says i will most definitely need a total knee replacement in the future and does not want to do any reconstruction on the ligaments at this time. The thing is, i will have more down time after the hardware is removed, since the spaces from the 10 screws have to fill in so the bones won't fracure again. I believe he said 6 weeks on crutches, but not full non weight-bearing. This is taking too long
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This certainly reminds me to keep my head on a swivel and watchful for uphill skiers/ boarders. An extended injury like this can be very frustrating and you have had a great attitude. Did the doc say what your chances are for skiing on the new knee?
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Wow! I've gotta hand it to you. That is a serious situation. I hope it works out well for you. I must say that it is great to see your attitude as good as it is. That may very well be the ticket to maximizing your recovery.
What is your long-term prognosis?
Where are you in Jersey? I'm at exit 7.
I spend a lot of ski time at Mt. Creek.
Al my best!
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You're certainly inspiring! Keep us posted. I find it amazing what you can deal with.

I've often wondered if one could have metal only from hip joint to seems that they're all replaceable!
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i got the OK from the original surgeon, now i am waiting to hear about a surgery date.
I am in bergen county, have not been to mountain creek in many, many years.
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Got a date for surgery!!!!
May 11
More pain, time on crutches and rehab.
But hopefully a good outcome!!!

a little scared,tho
It HAS to be better than what it is now.
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Sending 'positive vibes' and sincerest best wishes for a successful surgery and rehab. I didn't look at this thread before today, I thought it was photos of bad skiing or bad photograghs of skiing.

I read a few replies and decided not to look at the pictures, thanks for not hot-linking them.

I hope fast skiers will remember to be extra careful after reading this thread. You MUST reduce speed with proximatey to others and you MUST assume others are just out of veiw, behind knolls, and bends in the trail. It is impossible to predict the movements of slower skiers. If you have to predict, you are skiing too fast. Ski so that the downhill skier could not possibly get in your way even if he tried. This might require you slow to his speed, depending on how much open slope you have to work with. OK, rant over. I hope it all goes well for you, nancie2k
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Go ahead and look, won't make you toss. If nancie2k can live it, you can merely look. It could be you next season.

If it's any consolation, nancie2k, I talked to a friend over the weekend who had some irritation from the screws, and she had them taken out. She was So Happy to have them out and could tell very shortly after surgery that it was the right thing to do: no more pain!

I'll be thinking of you on May 11, and I wish you a speedy recovery and smooth sailing. You're almost done! WHEE! :
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