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Going for Wider Skis

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Going to demo some wide skis, looking at K2 Apache Chief's. Are skiing wide skis very much different from skinnier skis? Right now I'm on the Apache Crossfires, should I expect much difference?
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Cheifs are way soft and pretty easy to ski. You should be fine.

Blindfold yourself and try some Seth and you will probably like them better.

K2 Factory Team skis IMO have better on snow demeanor than the non factory team skis.
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I'm moving this from Instruction to the gear forum. You should get better play here.
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Agree about Bushw's point about the Seth; given what you like, also think about a Salomon Gun. Friendly, versatile, wide range of abilities, and some sort of twin tip can be useful on the backside.
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I have been skiing the chiefs fora couple of seasons now. They are a great soft snow ski. Could use a little more muscle for heavy crud. But there is always trade off. They do OK on groomed. it just a very reliable tool for hitting the powder.
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I was on the crossfire for a year or two and just last summer picked up the K2 outlaw. I was worried I would have to bring both skis on ski trips, but I won't have any need for the crossfires out west, now.

Besides the obvious width difference, I think the outlaw is just a better ski overall. You may find it hard to believe, but I can carve better on the outlaws. I don't know why. Of course, they also feel alot more stable all over the mountain.

The obvious: they are so much better in chopped up snow and on steep terrain.

I have heard the chief is more of a dedicated powder ski. If you like K2, I would try the outlaw or seth before the chief for all mountain skiing.
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