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Avalanches also kill - Page 2

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Latest from the NWS is that the storm arriving Saturday nite/Sunday is supposed to be bigger than the storm arriving tonight (which is supposed to be pretty big). For next Tuesday/Wednesday they are basically predicting The End Of The World - Powdergeddon. No more BC for me until next fall.
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What we have over you guys in Utah is we had a strong 3 meter snowpack before this current storm cycle hit. What we have now is weaknesses in the upper snow pack, mainly buried hoar and we've had horrible winds especially in the alpine/treeline areas. When this cycle passes and things settle a bit, we're gonna have some awesome spring touring. We haven't been getting hammered like Utah. we've been getting a bit every day maybe up to 25cm at higher elevations. So things are settling somewhat. Not a time to go do big features, but people have been skiing 30 + degree stuff off the resort and nothing has been moving. Anyway it's snowing lightly now and will be a great day on the hill... the back forty can wait for a while.
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Synopsis of this week's events:


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