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Buying new skis

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Hi guys,

I will probably be buying new skis at the end of this season or over the summer when prices are cheaper and wanted to start doing my research for them early. I would love any recommendations on what to demo.

I have been skiing for two years now. Consider myself a solid level 7 skier.
I am 21 years old, 5'11"-6'0 and 175 lbs at the moment.

My boots are Lange Banshee 9's which I find incredibly comfortable.

My current skis are Rossignol Open 100, which were great to learn on but I feel that I can very easily overpower them and need something stiffer at this point.

I ski primarily in Ontario (Blue Mountain and Mt. St. Louis) and usually have a trip to Bulgaria(have relatives there) in the winter where I get to ski actual mountains.

Almost all of my skiing is done on groomers, with the occasional mogul run.

The skis I am currently considering:

Fischer RX-8 (my #1 choice so far based on reviews and this website)
*I was told by a rep at Skiis and Biikes in toronto, to NOT go under 175 in this ski, which was surprising as it seems a lot of people ski it at 165.

Head SuperShape

Dynastar Contact (9-11?) not sure of which

Atomic SX series (again not sure which number)

Elan Speedwave (12 or 14)

I am basically looking for a ski with excellent edge hold, that will allow me to rip anything on piste, and is NOT too forgiving in technical mistakes. I want a ski that will make me work, but reward me for said work.
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You can tell from my sig. that I'm a Fischer fan. I don't know the other skis; but, from what you say I would say look STRONGLY at the RX-8. I ski Telluride, but stay mostly on groomers, and as you say, the occasional mogul run. This ski RIPS. There are plently of threads with posts by more qualified skiers than me.

I will say this about the length. I ski a 165 and the RX-9 in a 170. We're about the same size, I'm 5'10" and 180, but quite a bit older, I'm in my mid 50's. But like to think I ski fairly strongly. I know several guys about our size on this ski, and we are talking GOOD (PSIA Level 3 guys) skiers and all ski it between 160 and 165. I think a 175 might be a bit long. A 175 should ski between a RX-8 at 165 (13m) and an RX-9 at 170 (17m).

As to your statement about "fogiveness". TAKE ALL YOU CAN!! What I love about the Fischers is that I can push them to the limit, but they don't punish my many mistakes too severly. There is plenty of feedback, but little punishment. I also like the fact that the skis will lock into a turn, but will let me adjust at will. Don't worry, you can work this ski all you want, but when you want to back off after all that work you can.

I'm finding that the ski works the bumps very nicely.

Over the past year and a half I've put over 150 days on these two skis and couldn't be happier. I teach and have to use the ski (the RX-8 is my primary teaching ski) in a myriad of circumstances and find that it just shines.

I can't comment on the others.

Let us know what you decide. Hope this helps.

All the Best,
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For on-piste/groomed, you can't go wrong with the RX-8 -- they are great skis. I am 6'1" 185lb and have the 180cm (they don't make that size anymore). 175cm would probably be fine for more stability and speed, but you might even consider the 170cm for more fun. Honestly though, even the 180cm turn on a dime.
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Thanks guys, as I constantly hear nothing but good things of the RX-8 I am 99% sure I will go with that.

I am going to demo 165, 170 and 175 cm and pick the most appropriate one.

Also, how different is the RX-6 from the RX-8 if I happen to stumble upon a great deal for that?
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