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Not sure how to peg rotational pain -- it could be a lot of things (including ligaments). If you see a doc and get a diagnosis, let us know. Good luck!
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post

Today's STUPID Fell Into A Tree Well Story.

Location: The Canyons, trees skiers' left of Sun Peak Express, downhill of 'Massacre', below lift-line cut.

I was going slower than usual; this was our third run in these trees and we decided not to repeat previous lines but to try lower down. In the lower section there weren't so many glades that weren't blocked by snags, and I was trying to step to a line higher and right.

The surface layer of ~ 2 feet slid. My left ski is trapped by a sapling hooked around the heelpiece and I'm face first into the well of the large tree next to the sapling.

Hyperventilation. I clear my face. My left leg is doubled up behind me, holding me up. Right leg has no purchase. I clear to the left of my face towards the pine tree trunk. Dark. Not getting lighter. Can't hear anything. *panic*. Fight Hyperventilation. Can't tell up from down really.

Stop hand-digging. Arch back to attempt to push helmet up. No go. Owwch. Both back and left knee now pinging with pain. One more back arch. LIGHTER! I see I'm holding my ski pole halfway down the shaft; left hand is holding onto mostly useless pine tree branch. I swirl the ski pole in front of me and finally break through to the surface. Oh, sweet breath!

My ski buddies are by this time shouting; and I'm finally able to answer. The one downhill is on a board and can't really climb up very fast as he's sinking in to the shoulders even with holding onto the board as a climbing tool. The one uphill is on 165cm Fischer SLs and sort of manages to come down and (losing one ski in the process) lever my left ski free of the sapling. Owwwwch.

Upshot: Stupid is still here, one knee super sore after being doubled back and loaded with entire body weight, back twinging under the ribcage with every bump on the way down, feeling lucky that one person was still uphill. Naproxen and tub mean S. is mostly pain free as he types this.
As I was reading this I was thinking back to Stowe and the thoughts I had about your "flexibility" when you ski. Jeez you bend like Gumby!
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What a story! I'm glad you're still breathing and here to tell it. It could have just as easily gone the other way.

Life is good.
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I see you've pulled out of LGC3.

Any updates on the knee? Been to a Dr?
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What's up, friend? This STINKS! : I was really looking forward to skiing with the two of you!!!!!!
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Ah, sorry guys. Torn meniscus, partial MCL tear and a lovely hamstring sprain to top it all off.

I should be allowed on the bike fairly soon but anything requiring lateral stability looks to be out 'til August or so.

Thanks for the support, all. I hope you understand I will be trying hard not to think about skiing for a while.
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Bummer comprex. I was starting to see if I could pull off LGC3 in part to hook up with you and other Bears. Another time. Baby the knee and lots of light spinning.
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Comprex, I'm so sorry for your injury! I wish we were closer to each other cause you could REALLY use that beer I still owe you from the opening night at the ETU years ago!

Get well soon. Glad you survived!
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