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Please say I did NOT just join the skiing wounded...

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Was skiing Cannon Mt. (New Hampshire) this morning. Warmed up on a couple groomers. Everything felt good there, so I took it into some bumps to put my ESA-Aspen training to the test. First bump run felt pretty good -- couple inches had fallen overnight to soften up the massive bumps from Wednesday's storm even more. Second bump run started off pretty good, but then hit a bump awkwardly. Right (downhill) ski just basically stopped and I stepped right out of it. I sorta fell over my right leg.

I didn't really feel anything at the time. I only had a few bumps to go, skied down a short groomer and then started skating to the lift. Skating I felt the inside of my right knee. Not really painful but enough discomfort that I immediately stopped skating and just poled along with my right ski off the snow.

I did an easy blue groomer, but I could tell I was keeping easily 80, 90% of my weight on my left leg through both turn directions. So I decided that discretion is the better part of valor and decided to pack it in for the day despite the great conditions.

I'm limping a bit when I walk. The knee is sore; I'm trying to stay off it. Sudden or extreme movements hurt, but if I do things slowly it's just sore. I'm remaining cautiously optimistic here, or at least trying to. Send some positive vibes this way.
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Ice, no more than 20 min/hr. Keep ot moving too. Sounds like what I did.
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Advil to keep the swelling down and stay off it (not dead, just don't run laps).
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take care of it as the previous knee injury victims have advised and maybe you'll get back at it in full force yet this season.
Phil seems to have a good take on this and is a recent knee tweeker.
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I'm in a similar boat. Was skiing at Vail on Thursday in the Teacup bowl. I'd already done a few laps and was making some short turns in the pow when my right ski decided to keep going right as I was turning left. I rolled directly forward, wrenching my left calf as my binding did not release. It had been overcast all morning and as I lay there in the snow realizing I'd just incurred a day ending if not worse injury, the sun finally came out to illuminate the awesome pow I would no longer be enjoying. After the initial pain subsided I was able to hobble down and back up to the 2 Elk where I spent about an hour icing. Long story long, it's getting better but I'm still limping.
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That sucks! Hopefully it's nothing more than a tweak that'll heal quickly. Are you able to put your weight on all parts of the foot or does it feel unstable in certain position? Do you have full range of motion in the knee?
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+2 on the ice + movement (flex/extend).
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I'm in the same boat, tweaked the right knee, I think it's a sprained MCL. I can IBU it and it feels alright but it hurts if you put twisting forces on it. Other than the low level pain it feels stable. Felt alright on Friday when I put in a full day at Smuggs, almost 100% back bowls and glades. It was a little sore at the end of the day. Went out again on Saturday and it was quite a bit sorer such that I basically skied on my left ski for 4 hours before packing it in. Snow shoed on Sunday and it feels OK but not 100%. Hoping that another 5 days of rest will improve it. I've got one more weekend before we're off for St Thomas where I can rehab on the beach for 10 days. I've skied for 44 years without an injury, guess it was about time. Incidently the snow was great, I know I'm taking a chance skiing hard on a tweaked knee but how many times in a lifetime do you get conditions like this in the east.

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I have been off snow for 2 weeks with my tweaked knee..it improved a lot in the first 3 days then has been pretty much the same since.
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a few days of rehab on St Thomas should be prescribed for everyone this time of year

Swimming/water walking is supposed to be good for this stuff.

Personally I always test the injury with lesser movements and if things improve I add to it. If the swelling doesn't go down within 24-48 hrs I head to the docs....
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Hope it works out, Kevin. The season is just getting good. Take it easy for a while. Good luck.
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Take it easy. All great advice thus far. Hopefully it is a minor tweek.
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Get it checked out to be sure Kevin. Here's hoping it's nothing!
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Aw geez, Kevin, I hope it's nothing serious!

I-C-E--"Ice, Compression, Elevation" (and rest)--the magic potion for any sports injury. Like Phil says.

And please get it looked at if it doesn't get back to 100% very soon. And this time, DO believe what I say!

Good luck, Kevin, and heal fast!

Best regards,
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Internet diagnosis of body injury is for fools hey know what I mean so hey Kevin dont be a fool be a good smart skier and go see a good doctor who knows knees and skiing and hey man take care of that knee its real important to skiing I mean you really cant ski if your knee dont work.
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KevinF...sending good vibes your way.

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Kev, let us know, man... but go see that doc... even Phil did!
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Sending good vibes your way!
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48 hour update

My knee is actually recovering really well. Monday's limp was nowhere nearly as pronounced as Sunday's, and I feel like I can walk normally again today. The only motions where I really feel tightness is at the extremes of motion for that knee. During walking and "normal" activities I only feel something amiss if I actually pay attention to how that knee feels. Maybe all my cycling has paid off?

I haven't tried getting back on my bosu ball yet. Not sure how much I trust the lateral stability of that joint yet, although I don't have any reason to really doubt it. But it seems safe to say that all the various parts in that joint are still attached -- it's just recovering too quickly for something to be majorly wrong. WHEW!

I do need to still talk to my doctor about this. This is the third time I've tweaked the same knee over the past 10 years or so. Once while cycling with way-too-high a low gear for the terrain, once while skiing a foot of glop on 163cm slalom skis (which had me really scared when it happened... That time I somehow went from barely-able-to-walk, lying in bed with icepacks on my knee to 100% A-OK in 12 hours), and now this. Might be time to get it MRI'd and see if something really is amiss, or weakened, or something... Not sure I'd want to know... :

Originally Posted by Bob Barnes/Colorado View Post
I-C-E--"Ice, Compression, Elevation" (and rest)--the magic potion for any sports injury.
I personally went with the ICED theory. Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Drink beer. Thankfully I still had some Moose Drool left from Aspen.

Thanks for the positive vibes everybody! I'm feeling confident that these feet will be back in ski boots again this season.
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Glad it's better, but when I tore my MCL/meniscus cartilage, it also got better with rest and ice. Then a year later I discovered a) it tended to lock at inappropriate times, like crossing a street, and b) when I finally went to a doc, he said something along the lines of, "Wish you had come to me right after this happened; more damage and fewer options now."

So I'll disagree with most here and suggest you get yourself to your orthopedist right away. Especially if you have a history. Making an appointment is a lot hassle than post surgical rehab.
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Aha - so there's a history huh?

So maybe you better have it looked at. My response was rooted in the experience I have with some docs standard "if it hurts when you do that don't do that" statements. Drives me absolutely nuts. I feel the goal should always be getting back to full function as quickly as possible. But if you've got a recurrent injury issue that throws a wrench in things.

You might want to check out the sports medicine clinic at Umass if your insurance covers it - they helped me out before and some have experience on pro athletes and the like.
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Swimming/water walking is supposed to be good for this stuff.

If I could walk on water I wouln't have to worry about my knee
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skiing wounded

Checking in here with a broken leg. Fibula bone near ankle

Happened 3 weeks ago at Kwood. I was riding Wagonwheel lift
(that's the one with the skull and bones sign-Experts Only
in the loading area) with a guy from Norway. I was cautioning him
about how icy and dangerous The Wall run is at the top.

I came down the top 1/4 of The Wall fine and it as very icy (no snow
in 4 weeks). Then for no apparent reason either snagged a rock or hit
a patch of blue ice and the next thing I knew my skiis were off and I
was sliding and picking up speed. It was all I could do to stop after
sliding about 200 ft. I got up and tried to put my right ski on but it
was too painful and I fell again and slid another 100 ft. Then someone
brought my yard sale stuff down and I put the skiis on but found I could
not edge my right ski at all.

The this point I should have called the patrol (like I did an hour ago
for a 37 year old girl with a helmet who had slid off another top run
into a tree in the woods. After that one I reskied that run and found
6 patrollers attaching a backbord to her and loading her onto a sled.
They asked her to open her eyes and she would not- medivac for
sure.) Anyway back to me; I basically skied down on one ski and quit
for the day and rest of the trip. 2 1/2 days instead of 7 skiing.

Now have a cast. I'm busted done for the year. 6 to 8 weeks in a cast.
Guess I'm resigned to my fate- 1'st major injury of any type in 25 years,
1st broken bone.
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Good advice, Kevin. When in doubt, check it out.

Mdskier, what a bummer! How close to the ankle is the break?

I guess I got lucky.....mine is not casted, but it's broken higer up at boot top level. They just left it to heal on it's own. I still feel it grinding around. Ow.
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always get it checked out

my .02-

ER Doctor says knee is fine and to take Vitamin I as needed and RICE as much as I can. Didn't trust him over my body's warning bells and went to the orthopedic. TUrns out I tore my MCL half way through.

Bottom line- trust your body. If it is unhappy with you- there more than likely is a reason to go get it checked out.
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How long does hyperextension last?


Today's STUPID Fell Into A Tree Well Story.

Location: The Canyons, trees skiers' left of Sun Peak Express, downhill of 'Massacre', below lift-line cut.

I was going slower than usual; this was our third run in these trees and we decided not to repeat previous lines but to try lower down. In the lower section there weren't so many glades that weren't blocked by snags, and I was trying to step to a line higher and right.

The surface layer of ~ 2 feet slid. My left ski is trapped by a sapling hooked around the heelpiece and I'm face first into the well of the large tree next to the sapling.

Hyperventilation. I clear my face. My left leg is doubled up behind me, holding me up. Right leg has no purchase. I clear to the left of my face towards the pine tree trunk. Dark. Not getting lighter. Can't hear anything. *panic*. Fight Hyperventilation. Can't tell up from down really.

Stop hand-digging. Arch back to attempt to push helmet up. No go. Owwch. Both back and left knee now pinging with pain. One more back arch. LIGHTER! I see I'm holding my ski pole halfway down the shaft; left hand is holding onto mostly useless pine tree branch. I swirl the ski pole in front of me and finally break through to the surface. Oh, sweet breath!

My ski buddies are by this time shouting; and I'm finally able to answer. The one downhill is on a board and can't really climb up very fast as he's sinking in to the shoulders even with holding onto the board as a climbing tool. The one uphill is on 165cm Fischer SLs and sort of manages to come down and (losing one ski in the process) lever my left ski free of the sapling. Owwwwch.

Upshot: Stupid is still here, one knee super sore after being doubled back and loaded with entire body weight, back twinging under the ribcage with every bump on the way down, feeling lucky that one person was still uphill. Naproxen and tub mean S. is mostly pain free as he types this.
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Originally Posted by comprex View Post
My left leg is doubled up behind me, holding me up.
Geez, dude, that was tough to read. Glad you are OK. You are lucky!

I guess I am confused by the description, since hyperextension happens when the knee flexes past the straight leg position (as in a soccer kick gone wrong). Sound like the opposite happened, correct? If you are saying that your knee was fully bent (retracted) and your heel was pressed against your butt, then you may have stretched the piss out of the tendons that connect into the knee joint. I had a similar incident (uh, minus the snow slide, tree well diving, and burial) and did that to both knees on my last day of the season last year, when landing a huge jump. The tendons around the knees were sore off and on for 4-6 months, and only got better right before this ski season started. I only notice that pain once and a while now. Right after the injury, I had to sleep with a pillow under my knees to keep them flexed, otherwise the pain would keep me awake.
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Heh, sorry, best word I could come up with at the time. You're right, it was the other way and the only extension was on the medial side. The pain is triggered by rotational input (like getting the heel or toe caught on bed sheets).

Yep, lucky that was.
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wow - scary stuff. These things happen when skiing trees - good reminder to never do it alone and always try to keep in contact with eachother.

Do you think you could have avoided it? Sounds like it was just a freak accident, you kept your composure though.
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I got greedy and started looking for tighter and tighter trees in unconsolidated snow. Dumb. Once we were in there it was almost a foregone conclusion.
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