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Rust on base edge

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I have a few pairs of skis that have rust on the base edge. Apart from getting a base grind is there a way to get rid of the rust without messing up the base edge bevel too much?
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Prosper, I just worked on a rusted base edge last night. Used a gummy stone. Its almost like a rust eraser. I followed with side edge sharpening, then one last light pass with the gummy to remove any burr. I have also used diamond files in an edge guide to polish bases as a touchup. I always set my base bevel at .5 to .7 after a base grind, so additional work does not usually result in more than 1-degree. If you can tolerate less base bevel after a fresh tune, I think its a good way to get more distance out of a grind, and leave you some room to work.

I'm certainly not one of the tuning gurus here. It will be interesting to hear some other opinions.
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^ What he said. You could try windex + white fiber pad or Al foil scrunched up if you're really paranoid, but it'll take twice as long.
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There are a lot of threads that have been posted on the subject that you might find of interest.http://forums.epicski.com/search.php?searchid=1278566
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