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Arkansas stone cleaning

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After tuning my skis for the very 1st time my Arkansas stone has many black lines where I used it in my edge bevel guide. Any suggestions on how to clean the stone?
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I have yet to find a way to absolutely remove the marks. Be sure you use different areas of the stone face to even out the wear. I have had decent success using the same 50% denatured alcohol solution I use with diamonds as well as a 'stone eraser' (rubber sanding belt cleaner), soft brass and stiff nylon brushes. Base cleaner helps as well, as I'm sure other cleaners along with some soft abrasives and elbow grease.
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Had the same problem. I found that just putting the stone in water for a bit got rid of the large majority of the marks. I think you will have better success with the above suggestion from Alpinord though !
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I forgot to mention using a fiber pad is also good for cleaning stones and tools, along with bases.
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After the stone has been used so much that a groove begins to show, you can run the stone on either sandpaper or a belt sander to remove the groove, and extend the useful life of the stone.
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409, Fantastic, etc. type cleaners (works lots better than alcohol/water) and a nylon and brass tooth brushes. Scub, let soak, scrub again and wash off. The stone will be pure white again.
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That ^ works

Or just have the stone in your hands as you wash them with soap.
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Maybe wet the stone before use, like files and diamonds. Acts like a lube and also seems to clean up better.
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