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Tips on Skiing Metron 10

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First time on the Technique Forum. Have new Atomic Metron 10s at 171 after skiing Volkl Vertigo at 184 for a few years. I ski about mid to high level 7 in Taos and Colorado - groomers, some powder, crud, a few bumps, blues and blacks. I'm a 64 year old guy at 172 lbs and 6'1". Any tips on making the transition. I hope the new skis make a noticeable improvement and a more fun.
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Take a shape ski lesson.
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Keep your balance and the forces directed down to your feet, just ahead of your ankle. "Feel" the fronts and/or sides of the boots and not the back. Balance from the bottom of your feet and not by leaning against the boot.

Make your upper body a statue, a picture of quiet stability. Visualize this as you ski. This lets your lower body be more active, and your balance come more naturally. Don't forget to breath.

As you start your turns tip your inside foot in the direction of the turn, lift your inside hip as you do this and let the inside hip move forward through the turn.

The snow is your dance partner not your punching bag. Don't hurt the snow. Have fun. Your new skis will encourage functional technique, and efficiency. Hopefully this will reward your fun meter.

And as Kneale said,take a lesson. A good instructor can help you get better quicker.
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I appreciate the tips and will work on that early in the week at Taos Ski Valley, my home slopes. Thanks for taking the time to offer advice.
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