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Ankle Problems

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Ok my girlfriend and I went on a 4 day ski trip. Her ankles have never hurt her before but on this trip she was in terrible pain. She was complaining that her ankles where killing here while sking. Her boots are the proper size etc. What might the problem be. Boot is pure stock no Custom footbeds or anything. Any boot experts out there that may have a helpful solution? Would footbeds help her out with the pain. Thanks for all replies....
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What hurts? Is it inside the ankles? Is it the shins in the front of the ankles? Is it the skin covering the ankle bones getting sore?

Did she change socks? Does she use ski socks?
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Yeah. Was it the achilles, or the ankle bone knobbles, or what?
Ankle bone pain is completely different from achilles pain. Yes, boots cause ankle pain in skiing! But the causes are different.

Boot angle/ flex can bugger your achilles (first generation ladies' X-Wave 9s as an example), while pain over the ankle bones is common and has several causes and fixes.
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It is the top part of her ankles. That sloping part that leads into the top of the foot. Yes she uses ski socks and has not switched to a different pair. Any help in narrowing down the cause??
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So the skin on the shin just at the top of the foot gets red and sore? I'll bet she's tightening the buckles differently because the liner material has packed in some and wasn't gripping her foot as snugly as when new, so the inside of the tongue is hitting her foot differently.

Make sure the ski socks are pulled tight in that area so no wrinkles form when she opens and closes the ankle joint. Then, when she first puts the boots on, have her pull up on the tongue and then push it back down and feel that it fits smoothly on the top of the foot before starting to tighten the buckles.
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Mine hurts.
Broke the fib bone near the ankle 3 weeks ago at Kirkwood
during their 4 weeks-without-snow ice festival.

Ended my season- 1st real injury in 25 years.
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