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Lunch in Frisco?

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Driving from DEN to Beaver Creek next Sunday... Flight lands at 10am and we should be right around Frisco by noon....

I am 100% positive we will want a few brews and nice light meal ....

Any suggestions?


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grewat CHEAP chineese , Moderate xcellent at Food Hedz, Cheap Mexican, All In the Safeway Mall First exit from Denver , Mall on Right.
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Don't remember if they have beer but Mi Zuppa has a great selection of soup. Next to Safeway, same mall.
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Thanks - What about on Main Street...

We touristas want to get a feel for the local fare...
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Main Street has a nicer "feel" than the Safeway (and Wal Mart) mall area. Just don't go looking for grog as teh bottle shops in Colorado are closed on Sundays! and the beer in the supermarkets is "sunday beer" ie low alcamahol like Utah.
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Moose Jaw on Main St. is good for burgers. I don't remember what else they have on the menu.

There's no way you're getting there by noon though if your plane touches down at 10. If you're picking up a rental car you might be out of DIA by noon.
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Better yet, stop in Idaho Springs on the way up and have lunch and a brew at Tommy Knockers. Great food and the best selection of microbrews around. Eat right in the brewery. It's 2 minutes from I70 on Main Street. Take the second Idaho Springs exit, go one block to Main Street, turn right and it's just on the right.
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When the topic of eating lunch in Frisco comes up, usually everyone just scratches their heads wondering what's worth going to. Usually Taco Bell ends up winning.

If you want something on Main St, then here's my suggestions:

1. Po Boys near 5th St. It's downstairs and has a decent lunch menu with beer.

2. Backcountry Brewery. Completely overrated, but with the new ownership things have gotten better. Be careful of the microbrews + altitude combination. Their beer is around 6 - 7%.

3. Moose Jaw. Dark, dingy, and a locals favorite. Just order the burger.

4. Blue Spruce Inn. Sit in the bar and order off the bar menu. It's sort of like and upscale Moose Jaw.

5. A Train. Pizza. Beer. Never been there.

6. Boatyard. When you walk in the front door you'll know in 2 seconds if you want to stay for a drink.

There's better restaurants in every other town in the county, but places listed above aren't that bad.
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Backcountry Brewery and Butterhorn Bakery are a few of my favorites for lunch, Boat Yard is also a good choice. Dillion Dam brewery in Dillion is another option.
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Thanks guys..

Is there a more picturesque town between Idaho Springs and Vail to get lunch?

One person in our group has not made the trip before and I thought frisco would be the best place to stop, enjoy some mountain views and cut up the driveā€¦
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Silverthorn is the exit before Frisco and has just about everything you want in restaurants from Quizno's to Chinese.
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Originally Posted by vinn View Post
3. Moose Jaw. Dark, dingy, and a locals favorite.
Sounds like the perfect place!
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Backcountry Brewery is one of our favorites in Frisco. They have some great pizza and the micro-brews are quite tasty (ask about what seasonal brews they have). Another vote for the Boatyard too. I don't think I'd rely heavily on your first impression of the place though. The food is much better than the place looks.
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