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Ski Length

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Although this topic has probably been covered many times previously, I was wondering what other listers thoughts are on sizing down for fat skis (i.e. chubbs, snow rangers, etc). Although many variables are involved, I currently ski on 188's, am 5'7", 150 pounds and would consider myself an strong intermediate skier. Would rather ski fast than ski the bumps. Is dropping down to a length of 170 too great, or should I look at 180's.
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Welcome aboard.
Be ready for tons of replys.
This is probably better suited for the ski gear forum.
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You are absolute right. Go easy on the newbie.
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Not a problem. AC will probably move the thread for you. I don't get to demo enough stuff to give you the low down on ski lengths but there are plenty of opinions out there. My thoughts are demo and ski on the shortest ski you can keep stable at speed.
Again, welcome.
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I tink zat if you are comftable wiz ze 188 then I suggest dropping 10 cm for ze fat ski.

Gut Luck my friend.

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Welcome SPlace!

I moved this to Ski Gear Discussion forum -- I think you'll get more on-topic responses over there...<FONT size="1">

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Typically people are sizing 10+ cm shorter. Another rule-of-thumb is that the tips end up at about eyebrow-forehead. Receding hairlines may affect this measurement.

I have traditionally skied the longest boards I could get (last year P40F1 - 201cm), but now I feel my 192 Stockli GS is actually a super-G ski. I'm skiing more on a 178 and am consistantly amazed at what I can do on it (my last pair this short was circa 1983). Basically, shorten the ski and don't let it tweak your ego. Demos never hurt either.
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