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Nordia Beast x10 boots

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I need to upgrade to better boots - the ones I have had for the past two seasons are the incorrect fit and size for me. At the time, just begining, they fit the bill as an alternative to poorly fitting rental boots. I currently have Dalbello flex 6.6, mondo 26. Nothing against Dalbello - they just are not cut well for my foot.

I went to a local shop that has a well respected boot fitter. He measured me out to a 25 or 25.5 (depending on the boot). He suggested a Nordia Beast x10 because I have a high instep, long arch, wide forefoot and a narrow heel and ankle. They had a 26 which was too big, but did not have a 25 or 25.5 left in stock. We tried a Technica Vento 8, but it was very unconfortable in the heal/ankle area.

My question: What other boots are cut or molded with a similar shape to the Nordica's?


PS - I do plan to go to another shop and try on the Beasts in the correct size when I can find them.
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lange fluids?

salomon Xwaves?
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Nordica and Tecnicas tend to have a similar fit (depending on the model). Did they have any other models in stock that you could try.

Head is another brand that comes to mind that can accomodate a wide forefoot and narrow heel.
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They carry Nordica, Technica, and Lange. He did not recommend Lange - saying they are better for a narrow foot. He did have a Nordica Superspeed 12 in my size, but said the boot has a different shape and is considerably stiffer, therefore not a good example of the fit of the Beast 10.

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the lange fluid is a med to large volume fit and the concept 85 even bigger still in lange. The race boots are narrow for sure, but if the others are avail I'd try them on too. If the store doesn't carry that model that might be why he said they will not fit? (as in the models that he has will not fit, not that all langes will not fit)

buy the best fitting boot from the best boot fitter, and you should be fine
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