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Fischer Ski's World

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For those with an interest in the sort of obscure world of ski makers, Fischer's ISPO report released this month offers some interesting glimpses into what's happening at Fischer. Comments include stratigic relationships with other ski makers and changes in those relationships as well as a sneak peak at the future for Fischer.
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Good info, including;

The 2007/08 season will also be characterised by more individuality, bolder colours in ski graphics and modern, broader ski geometries. Whether it is innovations or revolutionary design features - ski producers are trying to meet the individual requirements of the respective target groups. Racers, modern piste carvers, cool freeriders or simply skiers out to have fun - the products are precisely customised to the respective target groups in terms of performance and appearance. We can look forward in particular to very modern, colourful and aggressive designs, not only in the Freeride segment.
Broader ski waists - above all on classic piste skis - are a further continuing trend for the upcoming season. These modern sidecuts with ski waists that are well over 70 mm in some cases are making their way into all ski segments - from the slope carver up to race models in part. The benefits of these ski geometries are clear: the skis float better, are more stable and are the true all-round talents for all snow and slope conditions. Fischer will be launching these new sidecuts in 2 sectors for 2007/2008: the RC4 Progressor in the race segment, plus a completely new model group named RX Heat.
The women's segment has also established itself as a standard feature in all ski lines. We can, however, expect plenty of innovations here too in the 07/08 line. Whereas the ladies' ski models differed from unisex models primarily through individual design statements in the past, over the last two years development teams in particular have focused on women's skiing and developed innovative technologies to cater for the needs of female skiers. Fischer will be presenting these newly developed technologies for the first time with the label "My Turn".
Virtually the same can be said of the "young generation" models in the Freeride and Freestyle sectors. It is above all - or precisely - in this segment that the requirements on the products are virtually on a par with those of race skis. In future, top product performance and product quality will be more of a "coolness" factor here than ever before. Over 80 years of expertise in ski making know-how for the toughest of requirements are a guarantee at Fischer for "cool" skis.
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Hey just because its a trend for onpiste skis to get wider doesnt mean that theyre better for onpiste skiing and it doesnt mean that people need to get onto wider skis its really just a way for the ski makers to keep selling skis see they put themselves into a corner by making such good quality skis that last for several seasons under heavy use and that means they dont sell as many skis its all about creating a niche where there really isnt one thats how they sell more skis they create a demand they dont fill a need.
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From the reports I've got from a partner/sponsor they are rippers. The RX Heats carve beautifully. I am looking forward to skiing on them in the near future.
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Nice license plate...
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Nice license plate...
Yeah we jacked the car up North. Was it yours?
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