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Alta-bird to create Utah's largest resort-comment

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interesting the broad scope of reaction to this.
the pass will be for skiers only, so my mecca is still mecaa to me.
(I think my sister would quit in protest & would not be alone)
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Wow weee! Can we go there for the Gathering??????

Deep yogic breaths...
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While hopefully Alta would retain its' character, www.couloirmag.com relates how Snowbird plans to build a lodge at the top of the new lift? Jeez, do you think it will be neo-industrial unfinished concrete?
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JohnJ, Snowbird wants to build a huge facility at the top of Hidden Peak, (top of the tram). That isn't where the new lift will be.
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Visible from how far away?
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It will be visible from the slc valley and heber valley. 10 to 30 miles depending on what part of the valley you are in. I just looked at the couloir article and they have a map of points it will be visible from, up to a hundred miles on their map.

SCSA - you can keep Vail and its 1000 more acres of rolling groomers and 200 fewer inches of snow.<FONT size="1">
<FONT size="1">

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John J, check this out. http://www.saveourcanyons.org/archiv...ird/hidden.jpg

BTW...make sure you expand the viewing window, otherwise the window "looks" empty.<FONT size="1">

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SCSA is right.
Vail is by far a better mountian, skier visits never lie. It does not snow that much there because intermediates would get stuck not moving in the vast flats of the back bowls, Vail plans it perfectly.

Alta is wholly over rated & the new interconnectivity will only make it worse.

Miniker when you come lemme know.

the new lodge @ the top of the tram is smaller than originally proposed, but snowbird's expansion mentality is similar to the truckstop of I-70's. I am sure the ELF will pay them a visit next.
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I agree with matt. go to vail. leave all that horrible powder and un-groomed stuff for me to struggle with. besides Alta has all those horrible slow fixed grip chairs that run slow.

I wonder how they plan to address the no boarders rule at Alta? or will they change the policy?
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no boarders will be allowed on the lifts @ Alta.
same as it ever was.
it will be interesting to see how the access afforded boarders to the sugarloaf area is used. they will have nowhere to go if they drop down that side.
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I guess they would either have to take the shuttle back to SB or push across westward Ho. Access to westward ho is pretty steep terrain if I remember correctly along with trees if you don't want to get stuck in the flats from the base of Wildcat.. If they managed to get to the albion base then imagine what the push would be like. If they don't let them onto the tow either its a long push and then up the hill to the wildcat base to get to westward ho. <FONT size="1">

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they are proposing UTA for the shuttle.
but there are still the flats on the albion side.
harpo R U gonna weigh in on this?
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Ahhh, one of these days I'm going to have to go there just to see what all the fuss is about.

The problem that everyone has with Vail is that unless you know the mountain(s), or go with someone who does, you end up spending most of the day looking at the map, or even worse, traversing! Not my idea of a good day.

Plus, there's lots of challenging stuff, and you don't have to hike to get to it. But you gotta know where.<FONT size="1">

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I know where,
2 hours away @ aspen highlands
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I think its a bad idea. All it will do is increase the traffic at Alta.

It will have little benefit for me since I ski Alta for the cheap half day pass.

The combined ticket price will have to be more than the standard Snowbird pass which is already to pricey.

As for the snowboarders, it just creates more problems for Alta having to police the border or liftlines and more problems for snowbird having to explain to the snowboarders why they can't buy the combined ticket.

And my final thought - I can't even cover all the good terrain at Alta in a single day - each resort deserves our undivided attention for at least 1 day if not three.

Save you money, go to snowbird saturday and alta sunday.

Look at the body language of the Alta and Snowbird GM's in the photo. Neither seem to thrilled about the plan. <FONT size="1">

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considering how often SCSA wacko keeps mentioning he owns a business and ... I'm suprised he is still in business. The way he keeps offending people here and making bigoted and sexist remarks, I would have expected him to have been slapped with multiple harassment lawsuits by now.
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you have no idea what an ass matt is or you may change your mind.

the guy om the left,Onno, runs a river company & a ski resort. shocker his face is tan & weathered.
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"nine base-area lodges and 22 restaurants," boy, that does sound kick-ass! You guys in Utah need to realize that this deal isn't for you....it's to attract more gapers from Texas and New Jersey. I can see it now....Billy Bob down in Texas reading Skiing magazine and says "Gee! Will ya look at duh size of dat der AltaBird!" If I lived in Utah I would be pissed. Now, you'll probably have to pay close to $60 a day to ski either one. Who's going to skii all that terrain in only one day anyway? If the deal was to attract locals, then they would copy Colorado and offer a SEASONS PASS for $300 that's good at both. I feel really bad for you guys.
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I think you are right that it is an attempt to attract tourists. I don't know how well it will work though. I know people at Snobird would pay to have access to Alta but with the no boards rule at the border and mostly fixed grip chairs at Alta... It really only opens up one more bowl between the 2 resorts and there is just so much great terrain inbounds at Alta why pay almost 2x what the locals pay at Alta to go to snowbird for a few runs. We will see how it goes.

I think single resort tickets will still be around the same price. I think it's the multi resort pass that will be expensive. Whistler used to have 2 pricing levels. 1 price for whistler or blackcomb or a little more ($3-5) more for a pass good at both on the same day.

I think the interconnect pass for other utah resorts are simular. <FONT size="1">

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I live here in Utah and I'm a skier and no matter what anyone does to Alta you should not feel bad for a Utah skiers. The fact that the the Bird and Alta are offerning a combo deal does'nt change the fact that the skiing is awesome.

My fear is that lift prices for Alta will increase and that is unfortuneate. But the ski industry does not survive on lift ticket sales. They survive on various forms of rental and time share property. Since Alta has very little of this compared to Snowbird- which has little compared to the big places in Colorado - I see this as a win for Alta. Alta will not have to create the developments to survive. I will be especially pleased if this joining avoids Alta moving in to develop Grizzly Gulch, which to my understanding is largely private land.

I do not fear an influx from Texas or Jersey, because the terrain of Alta and snowbird is'nt great for the occaisional skier, and any skier has the right to ski wherever he wants. Besides you can't wake up in Newark, look up the Canyon and decide to ski the morning.

Looking at things realistically, the real link between Alta and the Bird is through Mineral Basin - which is frequently closed due to Avalanche danger or low snow conditions and at other times is a total white out. Also the time to get between the good stuff at the bird and the good stuff at Alta is going to eat up a good amount of time. The combo pass sounds good - but I think skiers will stick to one or the other.

Like Harpo says - Bird on Saturday Alta on Sunday.
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Alta is replacing the Sunnyside lift with anothe high speed quad,( they are going to follow the current lift line ) taking that older triple, moving it to the east.
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In reading all the posts I did not see the word "awesome" to describe combining the skiing opportunities for both resorts that have what could certainly be the most unique snow on earth, if in fact, not the best snow on earth. So here it is : A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!
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Here are my thoughts, from a one time UT resident...
I just see this as the first step in the transformation of Alta. As snowboarding has become so mainstream, their potential patrons are dropping in numbers (at least from my point of view). Look at how much business the now Canyons gets vs. the Wolf Mtn. or Park West days! That cannot go unnoticed by the Alat GM. So, we are witnessing the first step towards the change in our beloved Alta. Snowboards will likely follow. Next will be the first high-speed quad and finally, more modern, luxury lodging. Is Alta doomed? No. The terrain and snow still rule. The change is coming, though. Maybe it has to for Alta to survive? Maybe, just maybe, things will get better. One thing is for sure, that cheap $30-something lift ticket will be the first thing to go! Dang!
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The combination is a good thing. It will bring more peple from out of state. Sure I'd love to be the only one on the mountain as much as the next guy, but tourism is a major industry here (#1, I think). If we're going to be in that industry, we need to compete in that industry.

Even though it could get incredibly crowded, I don't mind. I prefer to ski Brighton anyway. Maybe AltaBird will take some of the people off my mountain!

Reverend Poppy
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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Also known as Mormon or LDS) is the #1 industry in Utah.
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