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I have been struggling all season with too big boots. I now have a better sense on approach, but I have to find a compromise solution... I need a fair amount of volume for my feet... but my shins/calves are really skinny. Last night I tried Atomic M100's and they were pain free for my foot, but they're very big for my calf. Can anyone suggest other boots I should try? Also, to solve the too big problem the shop is recommending I go down a size from my street shoe. In other words, get into the smallest boot I can and let the materials pack out while I ski. The ABB site recommends a similar approach. Make sense?

BTW I'm 5' 11 and 170 lbs. Advanced. Mostly skiing on groomed but would like a boot with some versatility.
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Yes, it makes sense.
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So that is the proper philosophy. A boot liner has a few densities of foam that may take awhile to break in, 5-7 days is what I tell people.
From my experience, there are several ways to decrease the circumference of a boot cuff. Your local boot guru should be able to determine which is the correct approach.
I would suggest trying a Nordica SpeedMachine 10 for the most versatility. A 12 would be fine if you dont plan to smash the bumps or hit the park, or if you completely smush the 10. Maybe look into a Dalbello V9 or V10, Salomon X-Wave series. Also remember that temperature has a great effect on plastic and most likely the boot is at room temp. when you try it...the colder the temp the stiffer the same boot.
When your toe pulls of the front in a flexed athletic ski position, or the pressure is relieved greatly but not all the way, this is normally a good indicatior of fit. Also, the buckles on the top of your foot are pushing down onto that flat stock liner, spreading your foot. Proper, or at least some arch support is essential for all boots to fit properly.
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