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Tahoe ESA: Free Demos Available!

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OK, all of you West Coast skiers. Now is the time to sign up for ESA Tahoe! The long-term prognosis is for a great spring in Tahoe, and they already have a solid base to work with. There are tons of Bay-Area based Bears out there, and the more people that sign up, the better it will be! I am looking forward to meeting lots of new Bears at Tahoe, so if you haven't signed up already, now is the time!

I will have free demos available during the clinic. This is a preliminary list of what I would like to bring:

Mythic Rider 172/178
Legend 8000 172/178
Legend Exclusiv 158

Supershape 170
iXRC 1200 170
Monster 78 171
Monster 88 175/186
Supershape Magnum or Speed 170cm (I haven't decided which I will bring)
Wild Thang 156 or 163

Magma 176
777 176
888 176 (still working on that)
Speedwave 12 168/176
Speedwave 12 168
Wave Magic 160

Outlaw 174
Stryker 174
Crossfire 167
Lotta Luv 160

RX8 165/170

I can bring shorter skis if you would like: I have several in a 165 length, such as the iM88, Magfire 12, and Legend 8000.

Go ahead and post on this thread if there is something specific listed above that you would enjoy skiing. I can probably squeeze 15-20 pair into the car.

Village Bike and Ski
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Where in Tahoe will you be, South Shore or North Shore or both and when?

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Tahoe trip


I'd DEFINATELY like to attend.

Let me know you schedule.

What mountain(s) are you planning on?


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The ESA Tahoe information is here and discussion here. It will be held at Alpine and Squaw with Mike Rogan (instructional guru from SKI) as head coach.

Thanks, Scott, for this great offer! Ya'll come to the ESA, now, y'hear?
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Tahoe Trip


If you have a pair of 178cm Exclusive Legend Powder (the green ones)
I'd love to try them also.

( I know it's a woman's ski. I currently ski the 8800 in a 178cm, an
awesome ski, but I'd like to find a ski a little softer and narrower than
the 8800 and the ELP looks ideal. )

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Tom, are you attending the ESA? Scott's got the skis... I'm just the janitor...
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Scott, I am attending Tahoe ESA and would be very interested to demo: 1. Head SuperMojo 105 in 181cm
2. Volkl Gotama in 176cm and 183cm
3. Head Mojo 90 in 166cm and 176cm

Flat two pieces bindings instead of demo would be a huge plus! My boot length is 275mm and my husband's is 307mm. Would you have any?
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I have the 1100SW (from you ), Seth Pistols and Public Enemies. The Pistols are definitely staying. The PEs were bought as a "1 ski does it all", but I don't really use them.
So, IF I was to replace the 1100SW, what would you recommend (prolly in a 170)
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