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We're just about out of time for folks to sign up for ESA Tahoe. Now is the time to sign up to ski Tahoe's Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley with Mike Rogan (yes, the Mike Rogan who works with Stu Campbell to do all of those great instructional articles in SKI!) and the team of coaches that he's pulled together.

Details are on the ESA pages, but now's the time to sign up if you'd like to be part of a west coast ESA event. The snow has come to Tahoe, the conditions will be solid, and you'll have a chance to take your skiing to the next level--regardless of your current skills.

Sign up now!

...and those of you who have been to ESA Stowe or ESA Aspen (or a prior ESA), feel free to encourage friends and other Bears to go by sharing your experiences here...