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Maiden Voyage, TR Vail 2-16-07

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BIG Powder Day! Along with Wind & Major Dumpage! Closed Interstate makes it even Better!
Got to Vail at 8:30ish, Snow most of the way up!
Report 19" last 48hrs
30"last 72hrs Hoping its going to be One of them days!
Sad News most of the lifts not running due to the wind.
Roll Call,O.K. Dan, Son #2 & Me were there to ski the Powder, & we were 'nt going home empty handed!
We were also on the Maiden Voyage of the New Boards we picked up on Thurs.
Snowed most of the Day, but the Goods were to be found...
#1 OK-Dan Up past the knees
#2 View for most of the Day
#3 Snoops (for Don Denver)
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Ah sweet, I was really considering the Snoops and kinda wish I'd tried them out. They look sick anyway.

Glad you guys made the most of the day. If I wasn't feeling so crappy I would'a been there too.
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Lunch at High Noon at Two Elks, Maybe 50 people dinning!
Saturday is going to be a fine Day for the Lucky that will be on the backside.
Few more from today...
#1 Red Light District
#2 Old Guy Out of the Trees
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Think its going to Be Crazy up there the next few Days. Even with the bad weather the Traffic was thick West Bound. The Snow is Going to be NICE! Copper with 12" then some!
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Glen, glad we could finally get together and your son could hang out with us. Mike, sorry you couldn't make it. I'm thinking about heading up on Saturday, but we'll see how things go at work.

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The Snoops first outing...

...happen on a perfect day like that at Vail to best enjoy the dog’s, dog.
Doubt that anyone could follow your tracks. Hopefully we can see you work those new boards yet this weekend.
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