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Tahoe is back

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for those too lazy to click the link, i am your enabler today(the link does include some good pics though):

Written by Ryan Wexler Tuesday, 13 February 2007

While the storm system that has now finally past through the sierras was by no means big by Tahoe standards; it left a big impression. Our season was on the brink of disaster and it has now been given a second chance. The system brought a sequence of small wet heavy dumps. It was wet by sierra standards and caked itself into every nook and stuck onto every rock. As you glance around the lake you no longer see dirt covered mountains speckled with white, but rather the opposite. During the closing stages of the storm the snow got progressively lighter and the skiing conditions became outstanding. Reports from all over Tahoe are good. Lifts are opening back up and skiers are skiing lines they haven’t been able to all season long!

Just about everything is now open at Squaw. On Monday, upper mountain was reportedly skiing with 20+ inches of great snow. Lower mountain was more like a foot but it did have a crusty layer underneath, however it was still very skiable. There were still some closures on Monday, like Sunbowl, but they were expected to open today.
The conditions at Mount Rose have improved immensely. Because of it’s higher elevation the snow there was colder and lighter throughout the storm system. The backside and it’s trees has been said to be skiing as perfect as it can be. The chutes still need one more storm to open, but they are getting close.

Alpine Meadows is in great shape. There isn’t a piece of the mountain that is unskiable. Unfortunately, mechanical problems on Scott chair came during the storm system and the chair has been closed for a week. The lift cable had a defect and so the rule is you have to splice a new line in – no easy task. It is expected to open in the next day or so. Alpine did manage to open up Lakeview chair for the first time this season during the weekend. However, Alpine has yet to open Sherwood chair. There is no question about it; Sherwood chair has been on “money hold”. If Lakeview can open, Sherwood can open. It behooves me to understand why they wouldn’t put the effort into getting the chair open when they had their first crowds for weeks last weekend. Powder Corp is back at it with their usual shenanigans. Amazingly even with these limitations their marketing department still hasn’t lost their creative knack. They “reported” 51 inch storm totals a couple days ago. Nevertheless, Sherwood is scheduled to open tomorrow morning and High-T should open with it and bring a day of perfect pow turns.

Temperatures are expected to warm through the end of the week, but the storm door is open and more snow is expected soon. So, a season that was written off by many has be given new life. It happens right at the perfect time for the local businesses and ski areas alike – Presidents Day weekend. Make no mistake, us locals will get a rude awakening this weekend and during the coming ski and skate week as the first wave of real crowds hit the area since the holidays. Tourists I suggest you just stay home. Conditions are horrible. Don’t bother with the drive.
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Ski'd Alpine today...Fairly warm spring like conditions w/heavy wet snow.
Still had a blast, although. The whole mountain was somewhat skiable.

I did get tired fairly quickly in the conditions, but that might also have to do with the 12 hour drive I did to get there.
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