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Who's Your Sugar Mama? An 08 Atomic Review

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After an unrelenting quest for a mid-fat, I bought the 2008 Atomic Sugar Mama. This is from the new Nomad line. Candidly, I love Atomic and two weeks earlier purchased (and returned) the Nordica Conquer and Head Sweet Fat Thang. Additionally, I expect greatness from my skis, my legs and the world in general.

5'7", 120 lbs., athletic, aggressive skier but free of major death wishes. I spend most of my time off-piste, enjoy occasional black groomers & bumps. Level 8 and obsessed with the all things "ski".

I needed one ski to take me everywhere, with a focus on off-piste performance (Colorado, Utah). However, the snow gods can be selfish with their powder, so these skis must also be able to bust crud, hold an edge on hard pack and even be able to book down a groomer as my legs burn out.

The Sugar Mama is the ski candy I have eternally quested. On the lean side of mid-fat, this 79mm waist (on a 164cm) delivered in ALL conditions. I stopped believing in one-ski quivers; but this changed all that. I skied 6 days of Vail and Beaver Creek in a vast array of conditions and was totally psyched after each outing.

Very easy turn initiation in even the steepest of spots (BC Talons), the Sugar Mamas bring a lightweight speed that had my husband cursing their name from far behind me. I was surprised by the Sugar Mamas snappy flex in bumps; it took a run to adapt to their torsion...however, this feature effortlessly delivered in tight trees and on big bumps. I like a tight turn radius, and the Mamas were right there with me. This surprised me as I was expecting to have to broaden my radius to get the most from these; no need!

On more serious steeps, the tails were perfectly sticky. No wash out here. They held beautifully and dutifully without ever impeding a pushing turn, though.

As a few flat run/cat-tracks cross everyone's path home, I was stunned to find that NOT ONCE did I have to propel myself with a pole or skating. The Sugar Mama is feature laden and still, ultra-light. I hit a couple of cat tracks I know I skated and poled on previous trips. On the Sugar Mama, say "hello" to friction-free glide! This is a minute point but delightful none-the-less.

Of note, though, the Sugar Mama is not dream ski for deep powder. Their float will get you through boot deep pow with glee; anything over true knee depth, you will not have a copious amount of float. They will get you through it, but with none of the finesse of a true powder fat. The laws of physics pretty much mandate that this is to be expected...but I still had to check.

Come on, you know a senorita cannot review a ski without a nod to aesthetics. The Sugar Mama sports a smoldering design. These are almost non-gender specific with a rich candy-apple red base. A deep, burnt red/ espresso graphic overlays; after much review, I still cannot entirely discern the artwork...roman mythological? Icarus? I don't know. As much as I obsess over the minutia, even I do not care about this one. However, I trust divining this answer will consume most of my summer months. The overall package is very hot. I have no aversion to total girly-looking skis. Bright pink O’Keefe flora? No problem. Puppies riding polka-dot unicorns? Fine. HOWEVER, I ended up really liking these "cha-cha" yet ballsy looking skis. Atomic went out on a limb with the totally amusing name; someone in marketing shrewdly ended the joke and delivered sleek, sexy graphics.

Completing the package, the 310-4Tix binding performed perfectly. The overall lightweight package is exactly what I needed, dreamed of and, personally, fantasized about.

This Nomad really does roam, delivering private thrills along the way. If it is out there, these skis will take you there. What are you waiting for? Everyone truly needs a Sugar Mama.
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a hamana hamana hamana :

somehow I think this is SPAM from a dude in a cubicle at atomic headquarters...if not, well snocat should get some real fattys (like my wife and her 179 seth vicious) and come to tahoe...for real!!
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Awesome review. So, I take it you liked them BTW, how long have you been in advertising?
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You got me at the "HOT GIRL ON GIRL ACTION"!

Great review! Forget Colorado and Utah this year and take those sticks to Kicking Horse and Whistler!
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