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intuition, foam or?

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Me: small 115lbs advanced skier with very low volume feet

Purchased new Nordica Dobermann Team 80s. Best fit in a ski boot yet,


they are a bit short and need the big toe ground a little. (ended up with a nasty bruised end of my toe - not the nail, the toe itself.) OK, no problem, am getting that done next week.


Even though they are the correct size shell and as low volume a boot as it is (i tried damn near everything else out there), they are still sloppy. I get heel lift, although not too bad and i can still turn my whole foot in the boot without turning the boot and i even have a little room on the sides of my foot. To compensate, we put a thin board under the liner to take up volume


that only serves to make them smaller from top to bottom, not side to side. Same thing with cranking the buckles. It squeezes my high, bony instep and i lose feeling in part of my foot - for days.


It was suggested i consider foamed after-market liners, except that they are reputed to be cold and hard and once you do them, there is no fixing them if not perfect. There has been another thread about Zipfit or Intuition liners here that is of interest.

Which ones? would the Intuitions and/or zipfit take up the volume? the foam sounds like it would fill in the gaps but, cold and hard doesn't sound pleasant. I am not looking for cushy comfort, but i DO do this for fun, afterall...

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Hey mom good job scoring a boot that is almost perfect and hey listen the Zipfits can be injected with more material and they also come in 3 different models which basically are 3 different thicknesses of liner and I love mine they are the middle thickness model the Grand Prix I think but anyway they rock so Id suggest Zipfits but you should maybe look into the thickest model if you need volume taken up.
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zip fits might work, but I would worry about the foam migrating from the sides of the foot (where you need it) to other places in the liners.

foam fill help the fit, but again, a one shot deal, and cold, and $$$, and can be painfull to get done, but should work. Will also stiffen the boot a bit

Intitions: will just pack out and become too wide too

what about a 2cm high by 3mm thick strip of padding around the sides of the liner? makes it a PITA to remove the liner, but once it is in it might be the answer? also cheap and removeable and grindable/change able.
try that and if it works buy a good boot dryer and leave the liners in forever.

are you in the size 3 or 4? if the size 4 why not the size 3 and then grind and punch to make the toe room, but get a better width?

did you try the lange in the ZA? (world cup fit) and the raichle/full tilt? they are very narrow too.

PM me if you have some moee questions
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Zipfits do not use foam and there is no migration so to speak. what little that may occur is quickly remedied by recharging the liner by putting it on properly, ie using the foot to push the OEM fit back where it is needed. Zipfit (in the right thickeness for your boot), is firm, responsive and reletively warm, everyday for about 6 hours of hard skiing. I would describe Zipfit as firm and uncompromising but outstanding once fitted properly and skied in. I love mine and will always be a Zipfit user.

The top (ie firmest) intuition do not pack out either and if they do can be recharged by remoulding. I love my ID liners and will always have a boot with an Intuition liner for general sking and instructing (ie sking all day).

In my experience of haivng strange shaped feet there is simply no comparisom between having tweaked OEM liners and Zipfit or Intuition.

My wife is in the same boot, same low volume foot and is going for the Intuition as they are lighter and warmer than Zipfit.
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Well Andrew beat me to it. His post is dead on the money in my opinion and I couldn't have said it any better myself. Welcome to EpicSki.

Mom - ZipFits should be your cure (I don't recommend Intuition's overlap style for a traditional 2-piece overlap boot like yours). Take a trip to Footloose (Mammoth), Superior Ski (Snowbird), or Jacque's Le Feet Lab (Winter Park).
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Thanks, guys.
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