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OK Attitash Mt. Snow to go

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This just in

"Some of you may have already heard that The American Skiing Company has entered into an agreement with Peak Resorts to purchase Mount Snow and Attitash."

changes upon changes.....

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...beginning of the end...

No more All East. Killington's pass has to jump in price. Snowmaking gets turned off and the lifts become the rust belt of Vt.

I don't want to sound like an alarmist, but this is not good. The ski industry is crumbling and I can't say why because the thread may get moved to the lounge.
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I agree this is not good. I am fearful of Kton stopping the $400.00 pass. If they do that, Okemo has no reason to offer a $250.00 pass to compete. This could have a huge ripple effect.

I am sure ASC has all of the marketing data to see where the passes were being used, hopefully there is enough data to show that it is worth keeping.

ASC, if you read this, If you still offer the pass, I will be buying two. If not, I seriously doubt you will see the $800.00 out of me.
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I think more flexibility wrt passes is good - weekend, or discount cards for instance as others have done. Ski areas: there are people who will pay the $$ but offering some flexibility helps.

The prospect of ASC in danger of defaulting longer term can't be seen as good for the industry in general. Then again, I think they over extended years ago and are still paying for those excesses.
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Here is the link from the boston globe

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The potential increased costs will keep families away. Can a family of 4 with a household income of $75,000 afford to ski?

Who will be on the slopes in 20 years? Octogenarians?

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Ugh, I'm not really sure what to make of all this, but I don't like where this is going...looks like I'll have to act on my 'Loaf>Sunday River>Attitash>Killington>Pico>Mt Snow in a week roadtrip this season!

Rumors are also floating around Killington that they (& Pico) are going to be sold off in the near future?
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Not to stir things up here (OK - maybe a little) but don't you think that those cheap passes have also been a negative influence on the industry? Look at the markets they serve - EC & Colorado. Both are insanely overcrowded and have done nothing to improve the bottom line. Yes, some skiers will be priced out of the market, but maybe the little resorts will prosper with their renewed patronage. I can't imagine that ASC not owning a resort is not a good thing, no matter what some of the other downsides are. They have cluster-f**ked the resorts that they own for long enough.

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