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Here's to looking at you, kid

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Just curious here. A few years ago I started taking the habit of glancing behind me and up the hill as I'm skiing down the hill. I want to know if, yet again, someone has locked onto my turns and is way too close. See, the thing is that I'll stop at the end of one of my turns instead of starting the next turn. Then, WHAM I get hit; or more often a near miss.

Anyone else do that looking back thing?
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Pretty much every arc if the slope is crowded, and any time I break out of a regular pattern. The exception is moguls, as the turns are tight & fast, and frankly few can (or want) keep up. If they can, they're probably savvy enough to keep out of the way anyhow.

When skiing with boarders, remember they have a blind side opposite the direction their feet are pointing.
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Can we spell paranoid?

Yeah, it is a smart move to listen and look, especially during those long sweeping turns.

Habit I picked up from my coach, he would click his poles behind him when he wanted us to follow. And when he was getting ready to stop, he would click two-three turns before stopping.

I do a lot of "tip to tail" skiing with students, either leading or following. I tell them about the poles. It works well.

Even if the person following you doesn't know this "code" doing something weird like that will hopefully slow them down to look.

Started to board, and I know when I switch or stop it might seem sudden, so I do hand signals! Probably looks weird, but haven't gotten hit yet. When I get ready to stop, I wave my hands across each other above my head. I'm sure if someone is following, it would look weird, but it is enough to atch their attention.

Good luck with what you do.

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I don't seem to have that problem. I think you need to just pay attention to what's in front of you, and not worry so much about the crazies behind you. If you increase your speed a bit, you usually won't come in contact with the SPORES on the hill. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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You know what's awesome. I live in the east and love speed- not tucking speed, but gs and super-g cruising speed. I race too. Anyway, I go faster than just about everyone on the slope at the time, so there is no worry about people above me. I control everything. I always ski in control, so it's ok for the people below me. I'm not saying I'm the best skier on the mountain, but one of the best on the trail at anyone time. Now- if I moved to Alta or somthin I prob. wouldn't be close to the best...but we're talking about SUnday River here. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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kb1dqh- i ski the same way, fast and intense. I always feel the need for speed! I think, being an xracer, you learn how to reach those intense speeds, but feel completly under control.
Sorry i got a bug that i can't get out from under my hat- i hate when i'm skiing at my normal pace(pretty intense), when a ski patroler pulls me aside at the bottom of the hill and reams me out about sking out of contol. I think those types of patrolers need to go back to the bunny hill!
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Sounds like Telemark?

Lil-bro and DQ, RIP EM!
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