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Questions on Nordica Mach 3 Power

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My friend just ordered a pair of the Nordic SpeedMachine Mach 3 skis. There is also the a red version of this ski ; Mach 3 Power. What's the difference in the skis. He's a good skier weighs about 170 lb. I have to believe the Mach 3 ski should be more than enough ski. Both skis have the same dimensions.

Which ski did you get SSH? The Mach 3 or the Mach 3 Power. He was able to get the Mach 3 with bindings for $628 which I thought was a superb price.
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depends on conditions are like and how aggressive you ski ,the regular mach 3 is an excellent ski very smooth, you really can tell that there binding system is really working .At a 170lbs this ski should be fine for him. It is a softer than the power which I believe has some metal in it .If it superhard out the power should have better edge and would be more demanding . I ski on allstars as well as the Volkl racetiger sl and I thought the Nordicas were excellent. enjoy
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The Mach 3 Power is ALOT of ski. I definitely prefer the standard Mach 3, and even our ex-racer at 6 foot 1, 190lbs, thought that the Mach 3 Power required alot of energy to ski, and preferred slightly softer skis (he was on the 178, I skied the 170).
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I skied the 170 in both the Mach 3 and the Mach 3 Power, plus the 178 in the Power. I bought the Power in 170. The difference is indeed the metal in the Power.

The Power skis like a GS race ski adapted to all mountain. The Mach 3 is a nice, smooth ski, but I found that it's got a bit of a speed limit at the very top-end (at least in the 170 for me at 175 lbs). That's why I went with the Power. However, as bong will tell you, the Power in a 178 is a lot of ski!
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Thanks guys for the confos. I think he'll be fine on the Mach 3 absent the Power. I can fit into his bindings and I'm real interested in this ski. He only paid $628 no tax no shipping. I think that's a great price for what I believe is a top notch high performance ski. The same guy that got them won a lottery yesterday for the priviledge of buying a $ 2.6 million dollar two bedroom condo preconstruction at the new Ritz Carlton being built at Lionshead.

Anyway , nothing beats getting a great deal on a pair of skis.
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Hi Roundturns--As others have said, the difference is a layer of titanium alloy in the Power vs. carbon fiber in the standard Mach 3. They are both phenomenal skis, with the standard Mach 3 feeling a little lighter and easier to ski in most conditions. The Mach 3 Power feels more like a race ski than any other all-around ski I've skied on in a long time. I like that, but your mileage may vary.

And yes, that is a very good price! Both skis are unchanged in the coming model year, other than their graphics, so closeouts on this season's model are a good deal. Grab 'em!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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