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Is it really the end already . . .?

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It is near the end of our season here in Ohio. Boston Mills/ Brandywine will close March 16, 2003 with enough base to make it to mid April. It’s a shame. However, the costs of staying open are not worth running the place, no profit. Well that is just part of living in a cold but non-mountainous state. There is just no interest in skiing by the general public past March 1.

So as I have been dutifully reporting for my scheduled times at the ski school I have been reviewing the year that has just passed. The season as a whole has been mixed. The snow has been great. I even had two powder days here in Ohio, can you believe it! My students were terrific and for the most part I feel I have been an effective instructor. A few skiers have even credited me for their breakthroughs to the next level, and I got a few nice complements by students who have said stuff like, “hey you’re the first ski instructor that we could understand”. While I may have been effective as an instructor I feel my development as instructor has hit a plateau. Maybe I should have tested for my level two this year but I felt it necessary to experience more teaching scenarios. However, in not taking an event this year I feel disconnected from the flow of ideas that sparks my passion to teach. It just seemed that I was always to busy on the snow to really think about what I was doing on the snow. If that makes any sense. It has been a fairly long season for us here and maybe I am burnt out a little. That is the sentiment going around the locker room. There are not many people showing up just to ski. It’s a shame we have had a great year and it is snowing right now. Instead of celebrating the end of the season people are letting it slip away with out saying goodbye.


As I write this, I now realize that I must seize the day. I will not let the season slip away!! I will celebrate the snow and the ability to slide on it. I resolve to make every last turn I can and to teach them to anyone who wants to learn.

As I started to write this I contemplated whining about my melancholy and indifferent feelings about the end of the season. Now I think that is Bullsh*&t. You are only as down as you let yourself be. Our slopes close on March 16, 2003 O.K. , then I’ll be in NY on the March 17. Lars save me some turns buddy I’m coming north.

I was not going to post this but I think we should all stop and think sometimes. If your down stop whining and SKI!!! STOP BEING A DRAG ASS YOU ARE PULLING THE REST OF US DOWN!!!!! SHUT UP AND SKI!!


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Originally posted by PowDigger:

It is near the end of our season here in Ohio. Boston Mills/ Brandywine will close March 16, 2003 with enough base to make it to mid April.


Closing the lifts does not have to mean closing the skiing. If there's plenty of snow left on the hill, head up there some nice morning, throw your skis over your shoulder, and hike up.

There's something incredibly satisfying about hiking up and skiing on runs after the ski area closes. It's fun to go with some friends, if possible, but it's even more fun to just head up there alone.

After a few warm days and cold nights, that snow surface will be fantastic.

Give it a try. It's a real revelation and reminds you of some of the reasons you love to ski.

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A, O, way to go, Ohio.
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I just heard that our three local hills are supposed to close on the same day as well.

To keep my own stoke going, and be a good guy I just emailed a buddy of mine who has a busted knee and a pregnant wife that I'd take his two boys (real enthusiastic pre-teen skiers) skiing on our last day. Its always good for the soul to see skiing through the enthusiastic eyes of kids. Its one of the things that lasts through the summer.

Tom / PM
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H.V is planning on staying open till May 1rst. (speak of the devil) I just got off the phone with Pow Digger. So this post is mute!

Anyhow, come on up and ski. We got great conditions and Spring rates go into effect after this weekend. I'll pull some strings and hook you up with passes.

Good talking to you.
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Good to talk with you. I am out of my Funk and ready to go. St. Pat's day is confirmed on the home from and accomdations for the weekend are made.

How about some informal dining Sunday Night? We will be passing your place on the way up and will need a bite to eat. Name the place and we will meet you. Drop me an e-mail.


I have already talked about this with the hill management. I have my pack with ski straps ready to go but someone said something about tresspassing and I better get permission first. [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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Originally posted by Lars:
...H.V is planning on staying open till May 1rst...
Just to double check, is the "HV" that is staying open till May 1st:

a) Hidden Valley #1 - http://www.hiddenvalleynj.com/Winter.../trail_map.htm

b) Hidden Valley #2 - http://www.hiddenvalleyresort.com/


c) Holiday Valley - http://www.holidayvalley.com

I'm guessing (c) from your locations, but just wanted to double ck in case wanderlust hits me after our local areas close.

Tom / PM
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Never mind. I just saw your other thread and realized that it had to be (c). Too many HV's for my brain.

Tom / PM
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I feel the same way here. With living in the Chicago Land area our skiing season in southern/mid Wisconsin ends in a few weeks. This has been the second year for my daughter skiing. She's 6 1/2 and she's really getting good. I'm going to hate to see the season end. As I'm on-line now checking the weather forecast for this weekend. It looks like it's going to be really warm but I'm going no matter what. I'm hoping to get one more weekend at least out of this season.

I'm going to have to find something else to do on the weekends until it gets warm enough to start bike riding.

Either way, as you said it get out and enjoy it.
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Due to the warm temperatures and rain predicted for next week, this will be our final weekend.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just saw this on my local hill's website . I don't want it to stop : But stop it must. Oh well there's always Thistle sailing and work (Work meaning new skis!).

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Aside from hiking up after your resorts close, you can always come out to Utah. The best months of the season are March and April! (And May isn't bad either...)
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Yeah, and when all the skiing is done in Utah, come on out to Portland. If you make the trip, I will do what I can to spend a day snow skiing with you, no matter what month it is. Then when you are good and tired, maybe I should drag you around the river for a bit of waterskiing.

Come on out we ski year around here, really!

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Mt. Snow, in S Vt. announced plans to stay open till 20 April.

Anyone coming out, I can help with cheap day passes!

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It's very civilised, how they do taht half off thing for friends of staff. Some days, the SS office door was almost covered in vouchers!
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I love it when you guys up Nth start saying it's the end....coz that means it's not far from the beginning here!!!!


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Come on over to 7 Springs, we'll be open until at least mid April, possibly the end of April. The spring slushing is fairly good here on a warm sunny day.
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Originally posted by altagirl:
Aside from hiking up after your resorts close, you can always come out to Utah. The best months of the season are March and April! (And May isn't bad either...)
Hey Altagirl,

I tried Utah last March, your right, it was great, it took a bit to get used to those really old and slow double chairs with no bars on them at Alta, that was a first for me. I got the impression most Utah resorts closed in mid April ?

Take care :
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What's really sad is when there's still skiing but the money to ski has basically gone bye bye!
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Originally posted by skimoore:
I love it when you guys up Nth start saying it's the end....coz that means it's not far from the beginning here!!!!


82 days today in fact [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Its over. Our last day and the temps were around 70 deg F. Time to work on the boat and the house eh!
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C'mon up north, Pierre. Boyne & Crystal are still operating.
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I'll find some snow. It will now mean a bit of driving. I hoped to have seventy days this season and now I'll have to hit 300 miles to get (and pay $$$ for) those last five or so.

Since Yuki Jr. will only be 13, I will be forced to attend and provide escort and security duty ( ), at summer race camp.

It's been a pretty good (cold) winter here in the northeast .... so a bit of thanks to those snow gods for a good season.

[img]smile.gif[/img] and, at the same time
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Kneale I didn't even try to ski since leaving Boyne Mt. The conditions last week were so good I didn't want to spoil the memory, yet. Two of our instructors were injured this weekend, one broken wrist the other black and blue hit by another snow slider (to be pc)<G>.

Last week I went to Boyne Mt. to help instruct during Canada week. Kneale was there also, so I met another Bear.
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I don't get it, there's plenty of snow all over north America right now... and everyone knows that spring skiing serves up some of the best days of the season, so why on earth would any truely dedicated skier be call'n it quits in mid march? Doncha have a car??

Myself, I was skiing in over a foot of fresh, fluffy powder today. Toured out to the truck just after dusk with a full moon sparkling off the surface crystals.
Thank god I'm not a kayaker - this time of year would give me an anxiety attack trying to decide what to do each day.
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Five weeks to go, here in Colorado.

And snow expected almost everyday this week.

Lots of discounting going on, with lodging and tickets, all over Colorado.

Hope that at least a few of you will make it out here ! Skied with Prosper (first meeting) a few days ago. Would love to ski with a few more Bears out here.

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As vail snopro said snow if the forecast, from Keystones forecast:

March 17 Snow Showers
Snow showers likely.

March 18 Snow Showers
Breezy with snow , heavy at times.

March 19
Snow likely

March 20 Mostly Cloudy
Chance of snow

March 21 Mostly Cloudy
Chance of snow .

March 22
Chance of snow .
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Yep, Looks like CO. is the place to be. The weather channel is calling it a significant winter storm add a foot for every 1000 feet of elevation. Have fun and save some for me.

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It's definitely the end of the season for me. I broke my tib/fib at Snowbird two weeks ago. The tib is a comminuted fracture, which means it's splintered and crushed. I had surgery two days later and am getting around pretty well. Huge bummer, though I'm just hoping I'll be able to play golf this summer.

The rest of you, have fun! Looks like CO and Utah have great conditions, with more to come.
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Woops! Sorry, folks - I posted this before seeing the one started by Bonni, reporting on my mishap and wishing me well.

Thanks so much [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Well Folks,

Everyone knows that I have been lamenting the end of the season here in the Mid-West. However, I took all of the advice that I received to heart and went up to WNY to ski on St. Patrick’s Day. The family and I skied at Holimont in Ellicotville on Monday. Holimont is the Yellowstone Club of the east. Wow what a day!! Thank god they let us unwashed public on the mountain during the week. First the temps had been averaging in the mid to high 60’s most of the past four days. I was afraid that we would be skiing complete mush. However, because Holimont limits skier access the place was not skied out. Snow conditions for our day were soft like western spring skiing but not mush. The weather was glorious it started out in the low 60’s and topped out at 79 in the sun. The eastern facing slopes of Holimont held up great as my wife and I lead our kids down every slope they had green, blue or black. We skied their steeps, gladed areas, made a few of our own tree runs that probably aren’t on the map and hit the bumps until our quads screamed for mercy. All in all it was an epic day the type I had dreamed about when I got my family into skiing.

My two boys are 7 and 9. My youngest is a small guy and his energy level can fall off in the afternoon and some times he just gets tired of skiing and wants to stop. We had a scare at lunch were he declared that he was done. However, some fries, pizza, m&m’s and a big glass of Loganberry Juice and he was good to go. He loves to play on the hill. He was the guy picking the lines through the trees. He was even skiing the Blacks well with nice turn shape and speed control.

My oldest is already one of those kids you hate as you watch them from the lift. He is flying all over the place. He is really getting the skis away out from his body. I let him pick the line through the moguls and wait from him to clear out before I go. That way I can lend assistance if he goes down. But what I like the most is watching people watch my nine year old rip up the bumps that nobody else was skiing. And man does he ski fast. I will soon be following him.

My wife has become an exceptional skier after two years of serious skiing. She had skied Holimont before and felt that their black rated runs were steeper the Holiday Valley’s. However, she did not back down from one black and was looking for all the steep stuff that she could through at us. She was great and I was impressed on how far she has come. She is close to making that next big jump.

Now I see that Colorado is getting pounded and we have some frequent flyer miles built up. What to do . . . What to do. Anyway I could not have asked for a more perfect day of skiing with my family. I mean I have had satisfying days personally. Epic pow days, conquering difficult terrain and bagging huge amount of vert but this was a great unlike those but just as special.

Ski on Everybody . . . Man I love this sport.


Ps. Sueski sorry to hear about the injury, Just curious what kind of ski and what length were you on.
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