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Lib Tech Skate Banana

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Ok, so what's the deal, not much explanation here. Looks like a snowboard to me. I have been hearing about reverse camber is this one of those boards?
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Yep, they're supposed to be rockered rather than cambered, but still good in the park (flex pattern supposedly different to make the rocker work)...one of those time and demos will tell things likely.
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Yeah, it doesn't have any camber from what I have heard. Got the rocker though. Right now I am thinking it's hype more or less. The K2 gyrator is supposed to be a much more innovative board at this point.
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gotta love libtech, the single most innovative board company ever!
and a dozen or so more!
gotta give it to them for always pushing to bring new board tech to the table year after year! bannana will be another like the magnatrac some will like and some wont, try before you buy!:
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Somebody break this down for me, I love there magnatraction but didn't understand what the "bannana" is. Maybe because I don't have a degree in engineering, but I just don't think it should be that hard.

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Here is a review from a guy who knows more about snowboard gear than any one person I've met. He demo'd over 44 boards this season.

07/08 156 Libtech Skate Banana with Rome 390’s. This board isn’t true reverse camber as Mervin states it. It’s on a rocker like the Gyrator. But to be honest this thing rode like a wet noodle. I didn’t notice anything great about the rocker like I did with the Gyrator. It was just a normal board with MT. I took it in the park and pipe and it was ok but nothing I’d seriously rave about. In a hard carve it would kind of kick out for me, not like a full kick out but more of a slip out. I know everyone thought this thing would be the ****, but in the end it just rode like a turd for me.
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My demo list just got re-arranged in priority I think...thx!
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No problem. If you want to get a list of boards to demo some of the ones you are interested in might have been reviewed here: http://snowboard.colonies.com/forums/topic/23382/
Elsnoboardo, knows so much about snowboard gear, flex patterns and such, that I have learned to trust his evaluations of stuff. Definitely good information there.
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