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Foam Liner

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I have a pair of Head WC TiM103 with the Superheat3 liner.

If I replace the liner with the Head Custom Foam(injected) liner, what advantages and disadvantages will I experience.

I have a wide foot EE and EEE. The main problem I have with the SH3 liner is cold toes.

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foam is painfull to get done

cold to ski with (no insulation)

and can't be redone so pay a good boot fitter to do it right, no second chances.

cold toes = hottronics or intuition liners.

also thin socks, or more room over the instep
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I would attempt to determine if the cold toes are a function of:
1. naturally cold WC boot, or
2. blood circulation, or lack there of, due to foot width

if there is associated numbness/tingling then I would assume the latter. Proper/competent modification suggested.
Footbed installed or SOS (still on stock)?
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Pretty sure it is the boot. I have custom footbeds and wear sock liners, no socks. Circulation seems fine.
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