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Why Bash Vail!!!!!

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Its interesting to visit different forums and follow all the threads. Why is it that no matter where you ski, if you have a home mountain its better than anywhere else. Unless you are honest about it, you tend to slam all other places, whether you have been there or not. Many of the negative threads I see are simple "such and such sucks" without any qualifications or reasoning.
Anyone have a good theory why this is the case or is it just the playground mindset like "my dad is better than your dad".
I make no secret of the fact that I work and ski at Big Sky and its the best, all the rest are second rate. Anyone else?

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It' hard to be humble when you're from Tyrol Basin WI(270 VERT FT). [img]tongue.gif[/img]
Seriously, I don't recall seeing threads that bashed other areas or made a huge case for being the best.
Our little hill has produced 1 US Freestyle Team member, a NCAA GS champion(only midwesterner to do that), a JO champion and 2 Whistler Cup athletes. Dianne Roffe Stienrotter came from a small hill like ours near Buffalo NY. An instructor from Devils Head (300+ vert), near here, has been listed in the top 100(she teaches at Vail). Also the Nobis kids learned to ski at Devils Head before they moved to Park City. I remember Brant Moles when he was a JIII racer at Wilmot(200+ vert).
Let's hear it from the "little hills".

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I'm with you SLATZ. Those that live in real ski country can get spoiled. Midwesterners like us, make do with our little hills and cherish our western trips. I make 2 sometimes 3 western trips per year and have been to a lot of resorts. I have NEVER been to one that sucked. I'd give my eye teeth to live near a Disney style western resort. Breckenridge, Vail, Copper, bash them all you want, I LOVE 'em.
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Arby, I'm with you. I don't take for granted any of the great aspects every resort has. And, they all have something that really distinguishes them the rest. BTW, I grew up skiing/teaching at a little So. PA hill called Charnita, later named Ski Liberty. Something like 900 vert. Loved it.
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900 vertical feet, my gosh that's HUGE! About twice a year I drive 8hrs each way for 500 vert. That's a fun weekend for me.
My local hills at 300 and 400 ft are ok to work on technique, but I really like the long weekend trips and week longers out west.
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People always like their home mountains the best (well, not always) because they know all the great spots. That said, my mountain rocks, all the others, Cham, Whistler, Vail, Alta, etc..., suck! (damn I wish I could ski at any of em, haven't been yet).
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Well, i have to say that smaller mountains are great for skiing with your friends, cuz its more like just hangin out at home with people you know. you can ski all day and know every other person that is skiing down the hill. Its a great feeling.

I dont know about Greek Peak NY where i usually ski (if they have sent anyone to the world cup, etc.) but i do know that Kissing Bridge, NY has. Erik Schlopy (see this months issue of SKI) learned to ski around here (Buffalo).

Anyone at these forums ever have the chance to ski in western new york?? you should all come see how the other half lives (accept for the midwest skiers whom i sympathize with). But honestly, dont you love your hometown resorts??

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This is probably a case of playground bullying. In any case every ski area sets themselves up for some real hard hits anytime they call themselves 'The Best'. Vail gets hit on hard because just like all other hills they have some weak areas too. I know I went to Vail expecting a whole lot more than what I found. It wasn't a bad ski hill, but it didn't live up to its grandiose reputation in my opinion.
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Great. Stay away. More of the mountain for me.
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You read my mind. There are plenty of other, better places to go that do live up to their reputations!!! :
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I have never met a ski hill or mountain that I didn't like from the biggest to the tractor rope tow.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>regarding Vail, feallen said...
It wasn't a bad ski hill<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
A hill? Wow, I wanna know what qualifies as a mountain in your book.

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I was really impressed by Vail. Granted it was my first trip without my parents, and I slept in the back of a pick-up, but it was still amazing. I'm used to skiing the Tahoe resorts and Vail was much different. I hated the bumps, but I got into as much powder as I wanted. I'd never seen a bowl that was as wide open as the back side of Vail. That resort was more than I expected and I'd love to go back sometime. It doesn't have terrain to match the type of skiing I now enjoy, but I'd love to get back into that deep Vail powder again. But for the places I've skied its all about the Sierra's. The only place outside the Sierras I've skied is Vail so my comparison isn't much. But I love my mountains. That "my" isn't greedy, I'm willing to share with anyone who wants to join me. I've heard all the cracks about "sierra cement", but I'll tell you, the deepest, lightest powder I've ever ridden came right out of Truckee.
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PinHed, I grew up in the DC area and skied Charnita and Liberty! Do you know Brian Eardley? I worked with Brian for a number of years at Ski Center in Wash DC.

Where did the owners get that name, Charnita?

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You guys from the midwest make me feel extremely lucky.
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Vail is flat.
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How can anyone say any ski resort sucks? If you can't find the best that the current mountain you are on has to offer and enjoy it while you are there, you really suck. You just wasted another day out of your pathetic, pessimistic life. People who can only point out the worst of a situation should just stay home.

Heluvaskier -

I've skied Greek Peak a few times way back when I lived in Utica in the 80's, before I moved to Colorado. Back then I was skiing on these ridiculously heavy Olins, but I still had a blast.

Did you ever ski Snow Ridge or Maculley Moutain in Old Forge?
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Pinhead, Vail is a ski hill just like all other ski hills. My understanding of the term is the complete package that includes what man has put there, and the mountain that mother nature provided. Vail excels in the area of what man has put there, but they didn't start off equal to some other areas that are blessed with something just a little more special from mother nature.
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BTW-Brantling (where Dianne Roffe-whatever her name is now started racing) is near Rochester, NY, not Buffalo.

Powderhound-I skied at both McCauley and Snow Ridge last season. They were both a blast with the amount of snow we had last year. Snow Ridge buries a school bus in their terrain park!
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McCauley was the first place I ever skied, it used to scare the crap out of me! Did you ever visit the ice caves there? That was back when I did that kind of stuff, now I'm reformed.

I think we used to night ski at Snow Ridge, does that make sense? Also that was the place that I first learned it was okay to leave the groomed trails, we used to take some crazy path through the woods all the time, lots of ducking under fallen trees and fun stuff like that.
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I've never checked out ice caves at McCauley. There's one nearby that I've been to in the summer. I skied there 2 or 3 times last season. There was so much snow people were just taking off into the woods everywhere. Talk about tight trees!

Snow Ridge has night skiing-at least a couple of nights a week. A friend of mine has been known to drive his motor home from Rochester and camp out in SR's parking lot when its dumping.
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This thread is interesting. As a skier, I totally dig every day I am on the hill, whether it is big like Vail or Whistler, medium-sized like Crystal Mountain or Crested Butte, or relatively small like Cannon or Sunapee. Those that bash the ski experience at some particular resort puzzle me. What is it that keeps you from having fun at Vail? Why the inferiority when comparing “your” mountain to something someone somewhere has proclaimed to be good? Take a lesson from those on this thread like Arby who ski little 200 vertical foot hills in the Midwest and LOVE every minute of it. Have fun.
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It's all fun, Vail gets bashed 'cause of all the hype..Actually, I found Vail to be a great mountain, especially for cruising; I wish we had more of that at Park City,which to my mind is our best cruising mountain. I spent a week at Vail a few years ago and even though we had fresh snow every day, I never really "got" the back bowls; Maybe I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, but it all seemed pretty low angle and pretty exposed to sun and wind. That was before midfats...'Course I'm an Alta skier and pretty spoiled; but sometimes it's just gotta be steeper for gravity to pull you through all that pow. Expensive, too. I paid $8 just to park the car..

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For me the back bowls at Vail have been sort of like fishing - not so great today, but you should have been here last week. I think the best way to ski them is with someone who knows their way around. That way you won't waste a lot of time looking for the good lines. I usually spend more time on the front side - many good cruisers and some decent bumps on High Line, Blue Ox, & Prima.


I used to live near Buffalo. Skied a few times at Greek Peak, learned to ski at Glenwood Acres (now part of Kissing Bridge), skied many times at KB and Holiday Valley, once in a while at Holimont. Have fun in Buffalo. That town has to have more bars per capita than any place else I've been.

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As far as Vail goes, I think the "Vail Sucks" slogan is so popular more because of the whole rich-boy attitude there instead of the terrain. When half the people there have a fake European accent because they feel that they are so sophisticated, it's a little hard to swallow sometimes. Real skiers know that all that crap at the base of a ski area has nothing to do with experiencing a good day of skiing. It's true that most of the front side of Vail is pretty lame and flat, but I challenge anyone to whipe the smile off their face doing high-speed runs in the back bowls on a powder day. The new area back there, whatever they call it, is probably some of the best skiing at Vail....a little steeper and some good tree runs. It's still fun to say "Vail Sucks" though.
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