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Red Lodge meet up?

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Since being unemployed did not allow me to ski early season this year, I am feeling a bit lonely when I hit the slopes!

Right now I am mainly ski'ing at Red Lodge (due to the vicinty to Billings - though I am planning to get out to Big Sky at least 5-6 times before the snow goes away) and looking for people to ski with!!

If you are a Red Lodge skiier, I would love to hit some runs with you!! I will admit that I am a a Lvl II skier who is working on gaining some control and hoping to learn to carve.



P.S. - There will also be an obligatory dinner at Foster/Logan's afterwards with plenty of beer drinking
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hey Mt>snow

my family and I will be in Red Lodge march 17 or 18 and we would love to meet up with some locals with first hand knolwage of the area.
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How is Rock Dodge skiing? Bridger is doing great with all the recent snow. You should head over for a day.
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Too be honest, I have not skiied much this year so I have not dodged much rocks this year. The times I have skiied w/ the G/f who is learning to snowboard, so we are on green runs all day (w/ me skiing backwards saying words of encouragement) so no rock dodging.

Rio - how about this sunday? I was thinking of going to Big Sky, but I hear Bridger has waist deep powder (not that I can ski deep pow!) which makes me excited. Hit me up on the PM's!!! Will there be drinking afterwards?

Iceworm - I am by no stretch of the imagination a local. I just moved to Billlings this summer. I am a showdown boy, but I would love to meet up with your family and show you what I know.

Hit me up on the pm's too!!
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