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MRG Tomorrow (2/16)

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my friend and I are thinking of hitting up MRG tomorrow for the first time. We're a bit worried about the single chair being an issue with lines. Anyone have experience with friday lines at MRG. Does anyone also know what qualifies as a midweek day for MRG. is it any day other than Saturday and Sunday? Thanks in advance
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Welcome to Epic Hellfish. I made a slight change in your title, so people know when "tomorrow" is, I am also moving it over to the "Resorts/conditions" forum.

After a storm like we just got, people come out of the woodwork ski MRG. It won't be as bad as a Holiday weekend, but expect some pretty hefty lines. i wouldn't worry too much, with theis much snow, there will be plenty of fresh tracks to be found, you just have to look for them
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HF, don't miss this opportunity. There may be lines but you probably won't mind a bit of a wait after banging out turns on that mountain. You are in for a treat. Go to MRG!
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On wednesday, 2/14, my brother sent me a picture from his house in hinesburg, vt about 20 minutes from MRG. He had about 40" of snow and it was still coming down.

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