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I googled it in pieces and found nada.

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Originally Posted by SLATZ View Post

On a whim I Googled that line from that poem again.

About the 5th hit was a link to my 07 post in this thread.

Oh well.

Have you tried looking for the magazine rather than the poem?  A lot of back issues have been scanned as pdf's.

Maybe start at

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The issues before 1969 don't seem to open.

The one I was able to open was in a different format that the earlier issues. The issues before that always had a poem and a picture of a beautiful woman in ski clothes. I had every one from then on at one time.

It was fun looking at that old one. I remembered reading it back then. It even had an article about the old Wintergreen ski area in Spring Green WI.

I bookmarked the link and will keep trying.


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I remember there was a black and white photo shoot of cliff jumping at Jackson Hole and the poem followed.

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The 69 issue that I read had a pre-season workout by Willie Schaffler. I remember it  from when I originally read that issue.

It also reminded me of the passing of my friend, Dave Miller, who skied for Willie at DU.

Dave was a lot of things but most of all he was a skier.

It's almost a year late I am going to start a thread in his memory.

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Found this video put out by JH of a father and son in Corbet's when looking around OnTheSnow videos.  Wasn't the first time for the pair.


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