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Necessary Tools?

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I bought a DaKine Deluxe tuning kit a while back, but I've found it's missng some crucials... I'm gonna buy what I need now.


That's the kit I bought... After that I bought a base edge beveler and have been tuning with that.. I know that I'm not getting my edges deburred and polished enough, but i'm on a budget. I'm going to buy a Gummi Stone but need to know what else i absolutely need. I can easily get sandpaper in the same grits as the diamond stones, will that work as well?

What else do i ABSOLUTELY need for a good tune? I've pretty much just been running the pocket stone over the base and side edge to sharpen it a little then waxing.
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I like file guides for the side edge -- have a SVST kit with a 90 deg guide and shims for 1,2,3 deg for the various side angles on my different skis. Then a couple different grit diamond stones (100 and 220 I believe) -- sandpaper will not work.

I have a panzar file which is rarely needed to knock down high spots in the sidewall material so that the stones get a better bite on the metal edges.

Also have a 400 grit ceramic stone for final polishing, though it's probably not important.

Use 50/50 water/alcohol mix for lubing the stones when sharpening.

I think those are the basics for sharpening. There are a lot more guidelines and details on this site.
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