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Roof Boxes

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After relying for a while on the internal "ski sack" in my car, I finally broke down and bought a Thule North Cape roof box (that is the black, lower profile, wider one).

Does any one have any suggestions as to how to pack the thing? It includes some internal ski racks, but those take up a lot of room and so I took them out. I have now tried putting the skis (three pair) on their sides, locked together, on a loose piece of bubble wrap to protect the edges a bit, and strapping them down pretty tightly with the nylon webbing straps included with the box. On our last trip, we put a few soft duffles in on top of the skis.

Does anyone out there have any better ideas? Messing around with the nylon straps the way I am doing things now requires bare hands, and is no fun on the sub-20 degree days. Also, the side loading I am doing now, with three pairs of skis and poles, pretty much fills up the bottom of the box. I am assuming that it is lousy idea to let the bindings rattle against each other while driving, so I have been trying to leave a little bit of space between the skis.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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What I have done with my Yakima Space Case is to spread out an old team ski bag on the bottom. This helps keep the skis from sliding around alot. By alternating ski tip / tail forward, the bindings don't necessarily hit at the same place. Even then, I will still usually put my skis into another bag for further protection.

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As VS said pack them tail to tip. Since Thule says you can get 6-8 pairs in there, i'd think you need to pack them base horizontally. Maybe find a foam pad to weave under/over as you put the boards in the box. I agree that messing with straps on a cold day can be a trial. Since the box is ABS, you don't need to worry about it dulling the edges. Nice box.
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I have a huge piece of foam,about 20" thick, that I close the lid on.Keeps everything from moving or vibrating.
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If my roof top box isn't fully loaded with equipment, I take up the extra space with soft duffle bags filled with clothing. I just throw them on top of the skis, and they seem to keep everything in place and prevent vibration. It also gives me more room in the car. One impt trick is to put one of the duffels all the way to the front of the box, and another all the way to the back of the box. That effectively prevents any fore-aft shifting of the skis.

BTW, I lay my skis right on the bottom of the box without anything (eg padding) under them. With the duffels on top and a moment to wipe the skis down before putting them in the box, I've never had a problem with melting snow getting the clothing in the duffel bags wet.

The skis are always strapped together, base-to-base, with a couple of those velcro thingies, so I don't have to worry about edge or base damage. I'm not religious about the alternating head-to-tail approach, but I make sure the bindings from adjacent skis interlock with each other (ie, the toe pieces of one pair fit in-between the toe and heel pieces of the adjacent pairs).

Tom / PM

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I have the Thule Frontier. Love it. I am quite lazy so I pack very haphazardly, just throw stuff in. To save the equipment from this harsh handling, I bought el cheapo all weather rug from home depot, may $8, tops, and cut it into 2-foot strips. I use these strips as protection between layers of skis and boards. I sort of roll the rug around pairs in the same layer. the rubberized bottom of the rug seems to prevent things from sliding around.
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Originally posted by tk77:
I have a huge piece of foam,about 20" thick, that I close the lid on.Keeps everything from moving or vibrating.
that is a great idea, as my loading method in my rocket box is
toss->lock-> drive

has worked for 4 pairs w/ poles but the noise is bothersome.
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I use a couple of padded double bags. For 2 pair, they just go in the bags, for 4 pair I go 2 per bag with a couple of beach towels as protection. Mine os on a Subaru Outback wagon and I don't overpack the box! You really don't want to raise the center of gravity of your vehicle any more than you have to. When I'm in town, skiing at Mt Hood, I take the box off and use the rack. When we do the BC road trip, I add the box on the theory that it treats the skis better ... then I use the rack between the hotel/condo and the hill. Works for me and keeps the Subie on all 4 feet!
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