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80-85mm skis advice needed and where to buy

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I am 187cm, 72kg/160lbs, ski fast, mainly off piste but also need a ski which can perform on piste. looking for a waist of 80-85mm. i skied a few years ago the Dynastar Adam Arno which I liked, I do not like stiff skis like the Voelkl G4.

just come back from the dolomites/Italy but unfortunately I could not demo any skis there. i normally like to rent but as i will be skiing 14 days in Aspen/t-ride/silverton and rentals are very expensive in USA I might as well buy new skis.

there do not seem to be many skis in the 80-85mm category. Voelkl V-Pro, Blizzard sigma titan 8.2. I would like a wood core and Voelkl seem to have the best ones but their skis are quite stiff, is this also the case for the V-pro. how is the Voelkl 724 AX4 - same stiffness as the G4? might also consider the dynastar inspired by nobis even though i think it's 89mm but quite soft.

I would like the diamir fritschi freerides mounted.

I am not sure whether I should buy in Europe or in Aspen. I am going on 20 Feb, generally I think skis are more expensive in USA but there could be some end of season discounts by the time I get there? any suggestions which shops have the best prices/selection?

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The V-Pro is not nearly as stiff as Volkls like the G4. I'm 5' 11", 180# and I use the V-Pro in a 180cm as my everyday ski. They are stiffer than twin-tips like the 1080s or Scratch BC, but still soft enough I have no problem taking them into the moguls. They are good in powder and great in crud.
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if you ski randonee/AT, the Atomic TM:EX would be your ticket, buy this year's model w/o the riser plate and the softer flex. it's softer than the Atomic R:EX.

if you like softer skis, I suggest checking out the Rossi Bandit B2, the Salomon X-Scream Pilot Xtra Hot, the Salomon 1080, the Atomic AFT Tweak, the K2 Axis XP.

you have more choices if you ski AT/randonee, including the Black Diamond Crossbow, Karhu JAK, others.
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I had a chance to ski the new DynaStar 8000 from their new Legend series and really liked the way it skied. It had the typical Dynastar pop coming out of turns with good edge hold on hard pack and was a really fun ski. It felt to me like a stiffer, wider version of the Intuitive 74. It has an 80mm waist and is definitely on my wish list for the future.

Gonzo, do you really think the K2 XP is soft? I thought it was stiffer than many of the skis in this category. For the record, I typically like K2 skis, but I didn't like the XP. It's kind of hard to explain, but it was almost too damp for my taste and didn't provide me much feedback as I skied the slope. If you like to experience a ski with good rebound coming out of turns, the XP is not it, in my opinion. BTW, on New Years day I skied the Fischer FX 8.6 on hardpack. It's not hard to tell why you love that ski. Incredible edge hold for a wider waisted ski.
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One place you might look is http://www.telemark-pyrenees.com. They're located in France, but ship to the US at a very reasonable cost. By having the skis shipped ahead of you to the US, you would save the European tax (IVA ~ 19,6%) - which would pay for shipping - and you would save yourself the trouble of carrying the skis with you. Telemark-Pyreneees is run by a British man and an Italian woman; they are very reliable.

I don't know if the V-Pro is the best ski for you, but I do have a pair and like them. I can tell you that for fast skiing off piste, the V-Pro will work well. It is stiffer than the Bandits and 1080s, but not as stiff as the G4/AX 4 (it doesn't have metal in it). It doesn't get knocked around easily and it carves well. 180cm would probably be the right size for you - I'm the same height and a few pounds heavier. I don't care much for the Bandits - they're too soft for my purposes.

Part of your concern for AT will be weight. The K2 XP weighs 3060 kg (6.75 pounds) @ 181cm. The V-Pro weighs 3430 grams (7.5 pounds) @ 170cm. The Atomic REX weighs 3630 grams (8 pounds) @ 184 cm, and the TM EX weighs 3670 grams at 184cm; the Fischer 8.6 weighs 4.3 kg (9.5 pounds) @ 180cm.

Have a good trip.
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thanks for your replies. I have already contacted t-p for info. ski weight is actually not an issue for me, I am not planning to do long hikes and am fit.
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it's softer AND damper than I would expect, but from a "stability at speed in bad snow" perspective, it IS about the nicest midfat K2 has produced. relatively soft, I guess would be better. not a G4. not an R:EX.
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Got to agree with you on the XP. After some experience on the XP in 181, I decided really quick that it had nothing on my 184 R:EX. The XP is definitely softer when compared to Volkls and Atomics, but that may work for some folks out there.
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