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Ski Santa Fe

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We got dumped on! Woooo-hooo....I went up today and there was so much pow pow I didn't know what to do with myself. I was going straight down double black diamond in hip deep champagne powder....I am delirious and tired...and going back tomorrow for more. If you haven't decided on a weekend trip yet, consider Santa Fe. The green chile and shopping are a bonus. See ya on the slopes.
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What area were you in? the Tequila Sunrise or the burn area? Dang I wish I could make a quick trip.....Glad to hear you guys are getting the goods...Mom, skiingman, snow'more, I hope you're getting some time on those mountains.
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They reported 30" over the last couple of days. Sadly, i have a day job.

Ragin', thanks for the good thoughts - it must've been easter bowl or big rocks; tequila and the burn are not double blacks.

Trying to decide between Pajarito and SF on Saturday.

PJ is reporting less out of this storm, but then it is only open Fri and the weekends and will see fewer skiers between now and then.

Knute, how much of that snow do you think will be left at SF by Saturday?
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Glad you got another one.

I was there for the same last March.

My plane landed 4 hrs after the Interstate between Albequerque and
Santa Fe reopened.

Skied the 30 in of new snow the next day at Ski Santa Fe.
Then Taos (only 12in) then untracked snow 3 days later on Friday
at Pajarito (which isn't open midweek)
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pictures would suck.
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Correction, Oops the 30" Santa Fe storm I had was 2 years
ago, not last year.
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