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can you brush off baseburn?

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I wax my skis frequently (every 2 days on the snow on average) but even after skiing on them one day, the ski has pronounced white parts especially underfoot and on the edges.

It is my understanding from reading past posts that this is baseburn and the only thing that can fix it is a grind.

However, it goes away when i brush the ski (since i always brush about 20 strokes before i put on fresh wax). So I am confused as to what exactly is happening to the ski.
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Start looking at the white area with a 3x, 5x, 10x magnification.

"Burn" has been used both with regard to friction abrasion and with regard to overheating with irons, and I am afraid the two have become conflated. Improperly, IMHO.

The consequences of friction abrasion can be reformed with an aggressive brush (that doesn't mean getting rid of the consequences, merely reshaping the consequences). So, we should consider whether "goes away" or "becomes less apparent" are more appropriate.

Try fiber pads as well.
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