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Boot Fitting: Time and effort well spent

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Height: 6'1-1/2" Weight: 236 lbs Age: Almost 60 -- Started skiing at age 42 Shoe size: 13 EEE or EEEE
Skis: 2005/6 Volkl AC4's Skiing ability: Intermediate plus (or a little better) Likes to ski: Groomed anything

Medical Issues: Diabetes with a recurring diabetic ulcer on the ball of my left foot (3rd metatarsal too long); Wear custom orthotics made to alleviate pressure on balls of feet and compensate for some modest pronation. My feet point outwards so I walk like a duck. Old boots also pressed too hard on my shins and I needed some relief from that. Finally, my left leg was 1/4" shorter than my right leg, causing me to favor stopping/turning to my left.

Jeff outfitted me with Nordica Beast 10's that he modified by adding 1/4" to the sole of the left boot, plus other more normal adjustments. Part of the selection logic included the better front "lean" of that boot style when coupled with my stance. We decided to forgo addressing the "duck" stance issue since I didn't think that presented much of a problem in the past.

The results were WONDERFUL! I have skied 38 days so far this season and expect to get in about 70+ days altogether. My tendency to turn or stop to one side has been corrected....my shins have no after effects from skiing....my old custom orthotics work just wonderfully....Jeff's attempt to preserve comfort and minimize pressure (because of the diabetes) did just that!

My question is really for the readers of this forum: With everything you spend on clothes, tickets/passes, skis, travel expenses, meals on the mountain, etc., why does it sound like many of you are trying to make an educated guess at getting boots that will not be a mistake while only saving a hundred dollars or two, rather than getting the right boots (and having them fitted) that make your skiing experience something that will pay you back ten times over! I would have continued skiing anyway because I enjoyed it so much, but now the increased level of pleasure and the lack of pain afterwards (or other issues) has truly made it a great experience. If you can't see Jeff, try to find someone in your area that can make the difference. Since I never posted here before, I wanted to encourage you to try to see Jeff since he made a great difference in my life.
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This was originally posted in the Jeff Bergeron thread, but since the question is addressed to the forum, I thought it belonged out here. As to the question, I skied way too many years in poorly fitting boots, the worst of which were a pair of XWaves I bought in 2003. Finally got smart and worked with SierraJim on a pair of Nordica Hot Rods.
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I have had the same custom foot beds for almost 15 years now. Some people just don't want to spend the money. Best $80.00 I ever spent.
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