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Ski for both groom & mogul

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I just started skiing mogul this season in Toronto (hard-packed snow) and looking for skiis that could be good for both groom & mogul. So far I can only traverse 2,3 bumps with absorption and extension, then down the fall-line and change the direction (zipperline would be my goal).

Can someone give me advices on what features of ski should I be looking?
- stiff or flex skii
- length (I am using Dynastar 154 cm)
- Is all-mountain ski good in my case?

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Little more about you, size? style? what you are currently using?
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I just skied 2 days on Dynastar Twisters in a 168. I'm 5'11" 198#'s. I found them to be a great all mountain ski! I was shocked! Super quick, great at long turns as well and great edge hold. All I heard was that bump skis were terrible at everything else. Don't listen. These skis rocked.
I would go 175 if I could buy them over again.
The only negative was I'm used to a more substantial ski under foot and I had trouble trusting it, that was me not the ski.
A tad, not much, a tad floppy at high high speeds.
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Oh ya, They probably aren't the best at crud, I'm only guessing though.
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I am 5'4", 130 lbs male currently using entry level Dynaster 154 cm length. I have been skiing/carving in East coast 4yrs and have no problem with the groom (black and double-black). Still learning all the steering & twisting side-slip in order to tackle the bump. I can traverse & absorb 3 & 4 bumps without any problem. However, when it comes to the zipperline, I may be able to tackle 2 bumps (the most 3) then I have to traverse again due to my speed.

Ski can let me cruise the hard-packed snow and also tacke bump would be perfect.

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Less sidecut is better for bumps. I personally don't mind something a tad wider either. IMHO, I think a park ski would be fine too. You want to be about head height.

Oh and lessons, lessons, lessons.
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[quote=loba222;660264]I am 5'4", 230 lbs male

Should be 130 lbs. Sorry for the typo
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There are some Sweet Daddys in a 163 on Ebay that would be a real nice ski. 163
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For what you ask, you want a fairly soft, moderate radius, light ski that can pivot and skid. If in the east, you also want grip. I'm a big believer these days in Dynastars on bumps; take a look at the Contact 9. Construction, quickness, grip, and extremely versatile for when you want to go elsewhere.

Or just to be different, think about Scott Patrols. Guy in Canada said they rocked in bumps, tight spaces, extremely forgiving without being noodles. The flip tail will help skid and pivot without being so high it catches. Won't be as good on ice as the Dynastars, but far more cache. And float.
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Appreciate you guys' help. Thanks again.
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I just spent 2 days on demo's at Big White in BC, the ski that kept floating to the top for both my buddy and myself is the Fisher RX8, 116/66/98 comes with their rail binding We tried 175 and 170, 170 came out the winner Im 5-8 185 he is 5-10 200 VERY easy to turn in the bumps, just a little movement of the knee and you will have a turn. We went through every ski they had with a narrow waist and this was the most comfortable ski for both of us. Very light weight as well, made it a LOT easier to turn even at the end of the day, groomed, very fast, holds a edge as fast as you might want to go, skied it the last day all day in all conditions, groomed, bumps and knee deep fluff. Now, my advice, drop $40 at a resort and try every ski they have, the difference will amaze you, just find one that wil you feel most comfortable on for YOUR type of skiing. I went their looking real hard at the iMonster 72 by Head, never have skied a Fischer before, for me at the end of 3 1/2 days 90+ runs and over 100,000 vert skied....... RX8, and as soon as I find a set, the Fischer AMC 73 7 mm wider waist and tail for a powder day

I just ordered 2 sets of the RX8,30 mins ago, $449 @ plus shipping.

Both of us are close to or over 50 with 30 + yrs skiing, very aggressive and like all terrain. 30-50 days a yr
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So you were the guy that bought the skis right out from under me. Good luck with them. They were bought while i was trying to figure out that pay pal thing. i'll try again - don't think it was any omen.
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I have Fischer RX-8, Elan Mag 12, Atomic Sweet Daddy, and Volkl Karmas. Of those skis, the RX-8 are the least capable in bumps, especially in soft snow. I just don't think stiff hardpack carver skis are good in soft bumps. The Elans are better, but heavy. However the Sweet Daddys are spectacular in bumps -- very light and easy to flick around. The Karmas are OK in large rolling bumps, but I find them too clumsy under foot in tight bumps because of the width.

While the Sweet Daddys are great in bumps, they do not like hard snow at all -- they will scratch loudly to let you know. The do carve very well in soft groomed snow but you will not like them on hard snow. Which is OK with me, because I generally pull out the Fischers or Elans in hard snow.

I do think mogul skiing is 95% technique, so until you get good at it, the particular ski won't matter so much. Generally, I think it will be tough to find a ski that is great in bumps and on groomed snow, so whatever you get will likely be a compromise, as most all-mountain skis are.
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[quote=beyond;661168]I'm a big believer these days in Dynastars on bumps; take a look at the Contact 9. Construction, quickness, grip, and extremely versatile for when you want to go elsewhere.

Ditto; The Contact series with its straight a narrow tail is great in the bumps while also carving the groomed as well as many race skis.

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The Legend 4800 is pretty good as long as the bumps don't get too icy or you push the ski too hard. The Legend 4800 wants finesse not muscle.
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