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Whiteface ?

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Can some one tell me about Whiteface resort in New York state? How much snow from this last storm? Are there any good glades? And a overall opinion please. I plan to go there this weekend from Toronto, but the lure of 60" at Jay is also calling me. Thank you for any information.
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At last look, their website was calling it around 14"-16"

It looks like yesterday was the money day for powder. Snow all day and less than 1000 people on the mountain.

Go, enjoy and report back
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Their website reports 37" yesterday! Should be as good as it gets this weekend. Plus Lake Placid is fun. We are going in 2 weeks.
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Whiteface has some great terrain with a few very steep trails. Usually conditions are very icy, but if there was ever a time to ski there, this should be it. Not many glades, if any, that I'm aware of though.

As Skiboats mentioned, Lake Placid is a great town with quite a few good restaurants. and lots to do.
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Thanks for the advice. To bad about the glades I do like the trees. It is most likely I will go to Whiteface . Jay seems to far a drive for just one day. Does anyone know if the Slides are open and what one needs to go down ie shovel probe and reciever? Anyother info would be welcome
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Dude not to disagree but I would reconsider Jay, so many possibilities to find snow.

Anyways the Slides are rated either Gold Silver or Bronze by patrol for each day, they equal no go, all go and only go if you beep and know what your doing. Shovel, beacon, probe preferably not anal. You can bypass that whole show if you go through the state park though they may get angry about that. Lastly the Slides are cool but really overhyped, they only really work when you get lots of fresh and then they get tracked fast, unless it snows the night before you get there Slides=tracked
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It looks like I will not head out because there is no where to stay, meaning all rooms are booked in the Lake Placid area. So thats a downer for me . But hopfully there will be another storm within thew next few weeks and lots of rooms available . Thanks again for all the information .
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Check out snow ridge and gore mtn.They are smaller than Whiteface,but apparently the snow gods puked all over them in the last 10 days.
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Snow Ridge is tiny...I won't even drive 75 minutes to get there.

Gore got 38" according to their website and now have their glades open. I found the glades there to be very flat.
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