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Rossi Scratch BC vs. K2 Public Enemy?

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Hey Bears, I'm looking to get a good pair of all mountain twins and I'm seriously considering the Rossignol Scratch BC or the K2 Public Enemy. I demoed the Scratch BC a week ago and really enjoyed it. The only thing was that they were quite heavy. I didn't really notice that they are 98cm under foot, seemed plenty quick for me.

My current ski's are Atomic R:EX's which are great but I'd like to get a pair of twins to play around on and it would be nice to have a ski that wasn't too demanding for the days when I just want to kick back. The Atomic's are great if you're on your game but a little tough to just sit back on.

I'm 6'3" @ 175lbs probably a level 8 skier I'll go anywhere and do anything but I don't always look the best when I'm doing it...

I guess I'm looking for a fun controllable ski that will round out my quiver a little and give me a little more powder performance with good all mountain performance. I've heard great things about the K2 PE's but won't be able to demo them (also a little worried that they would be a little too narow for pow). Given that what would you recommend both for ski's and length? Thanks!

Oh, one last note what are opinions on the Scratch Sprayer BC? Seems similar to the PE.
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I would think that you might overpower the Sprayer BC. One question though. Scratch BC's heavy?
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Into about where you ski would be helpful. I have skied the Scratch BC, PE, Seth, Fischer Atua, Armada ARV and STL, and ended up with this year's Dynastar Big Trouble because I found it to be far more fun and responsive than the others. In the end, personal perference really wins the day. Where I am at (British Columbia) I tend to see far fewer Big Troubles and more K2 skis, but for me, the Dynastars were a far better ski - whether it was on groomers, spring snow, icy snow, powder, crud...

If you are considering the BTs, definitely go for the 186 as it skis quite short.
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Which year scratch BC did you try? The 06/07(yellow graphics) is very light, especially set up with a salomon z series binding.
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Well I did try the 06/07 WRS but I guess compared to my foam core Atomic R:EX w/ Look FKS binders anything is going to seem relatively heavy. It was mainly the swing weight while in the air. My old school daffy was definitely a little slower...

The mountain I'm usually on is Alyeska, in AK. I spend around 75% of the time off the groomers trying to find pow (only sometimes successful, more often it's cut up) or fun natural hits which is what I'm more commonly found doing. Very little to no park riding in my future. Just the occasional switch riding around the mountain.

Thanks for the tip on the Big Troubles, I'm very open to suggestions.

What is the general consensus on weight? Are the Scratch BC's as light as any of the others? If so I was very pleased with my demo and will probably pursue them more.
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The light weight of the Salomon Z12 binding does make a difference. They look cheap, but I have had no problems with them after about 20 days of hard skiing on my BTs with them. I found the BTs to be lighter than the Scratch BC WRS but that perception may have been shaped by the liveliness of the BT versus what I found to be a less lively Scratch BC. Given my experiences with demos, I'd rule out the Armadas - the quality doesn't seem up to par with the others. I'd give the Fischer Atua and Watea a try if you get a chance (the Atua is a fun, stable ski). Still partial to my BTs though - be sure to try them if you get a chance!
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Have a look at the Line Prophet 100 if you have a chance - nice & light , wood core, great performance all mountain. About the same profile as the Scratch BC.
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