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Broken Fibula Telemark Skiing

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I broke my fibula telemark skiing 3 weeks ago. It is a spiral fracture 2 inches from the bottom of the bone, it is not displaced. I have always telemark skiied and rarely done anything else since I was 7 or 8 years old. I see alpine skiing as a possible step in rehab for this injury.

If you have any experience with this type of injury, I await to hear your replies.

Accual recovery time, recovery exercises, possible anckle braces for telemark skiing are all questions i seek answers for.

-Pray for snow and Shredd the Gnar
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No advice, but I doubt skiing is a rehab exercise.

What did your doc say?
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assuming it doesnt involve the ankle and is well aligned, it should heal fine in 6 weeks and be good as new. thats what happened to me. no residual problems, and no special exercises.
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I did the same thing on a snowboard 2 years ago. I did (and still do) a lot of balance exersizes to regain my flexibility and strength. I mainly used a balance board and a BOSU.
One big advantage is that I can now predict snow storms! My ankle is a better indicator than the weather channel.
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Predict snow storms! Well in a way that may be true for me these days, because with the 30 inches of snow recieved plus or minus this week it is a blessing. I saw this one coming when it hit the pacific coast.

Should I start apline skiing after 6 weeks or telemark skiing?. At age 20 I have teleskied for 10 years and only alpine skied 5 times in those 10 years. I can keep up with all my firends that have skiied all their life alpine. Skiing is my life and I die of deppression. Save my life. Be a hero
Any thoughts?

Pray for Snow
Shredd the Gnar

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Ah to be young...

Wish my healing time were only 6 weeks for a broken bone..

Good luck.. No suggestions other than listen to your Ortho and PT.

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I have an x-ray appoint ment on monday and that will be 3 weeks since the injury, I hope that it will be 3 weeks after that when I can skii agian. 6 weeks seams to be the consensus from most of you. I am delighted to hear that with proper treatment I can be as good as knew in 6 weeks after the injury. Thanks for all your suppor and feel free to lend some more useful information.
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