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Utah resort for mixed ability couple

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My wife and I may have an opportunity in late March (spring break) to head to Utah for 3-4 days of skiing. We're looking at staying in SLC or in a reasonably priced ski town condo.

What would be a few resorts to consider for a mixed ability couple? She's fairly new to skiing, but enthusiastic about improving. She will be taking some lessons while we're there, so I will have time to duck away for a few hours and explore.

Priorities for this trip are:

1) varied beginner terrain for my wife
2) steeps and glades for me to explore when on my own
3) good spring snow pack
4) manageable crowds
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My top three for this situation would be (in order):
1. Alta
2. Park City
3. Brighton

The latter two are not my personal favorites, but they do fit what you are looking for (Powder Mountain would also be a nice fit if there is new snow within a few days before your visit).
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My wife and I went to SLC for the first time back in late Jan. We are intermediate level skiers. Went to Brighton, Solitude, and Alta. Skied midweek, but we didn't wait in a single lift line the whole trip. I would highly recommend Alta. It has a variety of terrain for all levels and has spectacular alpine scenery. I would say that Brighton would also be a good fit for what you are looking for. I found the blue runs at Solitude to be quite steep. It's probably a better option for advanced skiers.
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Alta would be best for that time of year. High elevation, good snow. Plenty of expert terrain with some good beginner terrain as well. I would also recommend Brighton. Not as hard as Alta, but it has a lot of good trees and beginner friendly terrain. Park City and Deer Valley are also great if it's cold.
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Thank you all for the great input. I'm leaning towards Alta, but Park City is also in the mix.
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Deer Valley is also an option, at least for a day. They limit lift tickets sales, so even on the worst days, it isn't as bad as many places. It will probably suit your wife more than you (lots of groomers), but there are a few good steeps.
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Definately Alta.
Being a lone voice in a family of Snowbird devotees, i took my youngest daughter for a day out at Alta after she lost confidence after dislocating her shoulder a couple of days before( at snowbird)
Alta is full of really fun and easy tree runs, fantastic beginner terrain, mixed terrain further up the hill and some steeps for you to explore on your own.

i would also put Solitude and Deer Valley into the mix.
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Deer Valley and Park City.

Deer Valley has glades and both have something you are looking for that you haven't yest mentioned - the ability to have different people ski different runs but still meet at the bottom of the same lift.

Also, as I pointed out in my other thread, Alta is too easy for beginners. Sounds like a strange comment, but I just went with someone who had literally skied only twice in her life before she went to Alta, and she thought the greens were too easy. Likewise, the intermediate skiers in my group thought the blues were pretty easy too, and they didn't offer long sustained pitch. I tell ya there is a huge discrepancy at Alta between their greens to blues to blacks, its not the progression like you see at Park City or Deer Valley.
I would also not recommend The Canyons for beginners- not much green stuff except cat tracks.
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