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Salomon F24 & Burton P1 binding?

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I ordered a pair of 10.5 Salomon F24 boots and was going to order a pair of Burton P1 bindings but I was wondering whats the best binding size to get.
the sizing for Burton's is as follows:

Medium = 8-10
Large = 10-15

I heard that the Salomon boots are really low profile and that they can fit into smaller bindings. Do you think the mediums would fit this boot?
the whole "10-15" thing makes me think the large bindings are really big.
I'm buying this stuff online to save money so fit testing the bindings isn't really an option. none of the stores around here have that binding either. thanks
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Size Large...please, the binding tray of the P1 will be plenty roomy vs. the medium. I rock a 9.5 Burton Hail...anyways switched from a medium to large binding. Actually like the large base plate better.
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hmm interesting.. I always figured a snugger binding would be better because it'd equal more control but maybe the large would be easier to get in and out of.
either way I ended up ordering a medium and a large to see which fits best haha I'd rather spend ten bucks to ship one of them back than get stuck with a binding thats too large or too small. thank god for worry free return policies..
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i would go with the mediums. I ride size 10 hails, and one of my boards have large P1 and the other has medium, and the mediums not only fit the boot way better, they arent as big on the board either. i would try to go to a shop to make sure, but the mediums should do the trick
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